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Lafayette County Extension provides county residents with access to a wealth of ag-related information and educational services.  Headquartered in the Lafayette County Extension Center and surrounding counties, MU Extension Agricultural Specialists assist farmers and other agricultural businesses by addressing their research and educational needs in the areas of agronomy, livestock, horticulture, and agricultural business.  Extension delivers unbiased, research-based information and services through seminars, workshops, field days, news articles, publications, and consultations. To learn more about the information, programs, and services provided by Extension in Lafayette County, see the Lafayette County Extension calendar of events or contact an Extension Agricultural Specialist who serves Lafayette County.


2014 Farm Bill Resources

Concordia Farm Bill Meeting Proceedings: Farm Bill Overview (Annette Colvin), Decisions for Landowners & Commodity Growers (Whitney Wiegel), Farm Program & Insurance Decision Aid - Example Farm (Whitney Wiegel)

Farm Bill Meeting Presentation Video Recordings (Sedalia Meeting)

USDA Farm Service Agency ARC/PLC Program Webpage (information on base reallocation, yield update, and commodity programs, includes links to spreadsheet tools)

USDA FSA 2014 Farm Bill Fact Sheet: Base Acre Reallocation, Yield Updates, Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) & Price Loss Coverage (PLC)

Texas A&M AFPC & University of Missouri FAPRI Farm Program & Insurance Decision Aid

University of Illinois Decision Aid: Agriculture Policy Analysis System

University of Missouri Food & Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI)

University of Illinois Farm Bill Tool Box (videos, informational articles & other resources)

Projected tenant and landowner returns to corn and soybean production under various rental arrangements

Lease Comparisons Slideshow (PDF)

Lease Comparisons Spreadsheet (XLSX)

Cover crop decision support tools

Cover Crop Selection Tool (XLSX)

Cover Crop Seed Cost Calculator (XLSX)

Tweedie agribusiness forum presentation: Pros and cons of flexible cash farm leases

Pros and Cons of Flexible Cash Farm Leases presentation by Whitney Wiegel (PDF)

Farm Recordkeeping Tools

Whitney Wiegel, MU Extension agricultural business specialist, has developed a couple of basic spreadsheet-based recordkeeping tools that farmers can use to track their income and expenses. "Farm Record Book Version 2.4" is designed for traditional row-crop & livestock farmers while "Farm Record Book Veggie Version 2.1" is designed for specialty crop & small livestock producers. Basic instructions for using each tool are included in each file.

Farm Record Book 2.4 (XLSX)

Farm Record Book Veggie 2.1 (XLSX)