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Lafayette County Extension provides county residents with acces to a wealth of ag-related information and educational services.  Headquartered in the Lafayette County Extension Center and surrounding counties, MU Extension Agricultural Specialists assist farmers and other agricultural businesses by addressing their research and educational needs in the areas of agronomy, livestock, horticulture, and agricultural business.  Extension delivers unbiased, research-based information and services through seminars, workshops, field days, news articles, publications, and consultations. To learn more about the information, programs, and services provided by Extension in Lafayette County, see the Lafayette County Extension calendar of events or contact an Extension Agricultural Specialist who serves Lafayette County.


Projected Tenant & Landowner Returns to Corn & Soybean Production Under Various Rental Arrangements

Lease Comparisons Slideshow (.pdf)

Lease Comparisons Spreadsheet (.xlsx)


Cover Crop Decision Support Tools

Cover Crop Selection Tool (Microsoft Excel file .xlsx)

Cover Crop Seed Cost Calculator (Microsoft Excel file .xlsx)


Tweedie Agribusiness Forum Presentation: Pros & Cons of Flexible Cash Farm Leases

PDF Version of PowerPoint Presentation Pros & Cons of Flexible Cash Farm Leases by Whitney Wiegel


Commodity Challenge & MU Extension's Top 1/3 Grain Marketing Game

Commodity Challenge is a website that hosts online grain marketing games. The Commodity Challenge website is used by farmers, ag professionals, and students to enhance their knowledge and skills related to grain marketing. Developed and managed by the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota, Commodity Challenge offers a one-of-a-kind approach to learning about commodity markets and price risk management. 

MU Extension's Top 1/3 Grain Marketing Game is a game hosted on the Commodity Challenge website. Each player in the Top 1/3 Grain Marketing Game is given a grain production scenario and asked to market his or her virtual grain using real-time cash, futures and options quotes. All players in the game are given the same production scenario and marketing tools. Therefore, players compete based on the outcome of their marketing transactions executed through the game platform. The game website processes and monitors each player’s sales and trades, and it tracks each player’s marketing account balance.  Players’ virtual marketing account balances are visible and ranked on the game’s webpage. At the conclusion of the game, players with account balances in the top 1/3 of all accounts win a cash prize.

MU Extension's Top 1/3 Grain Marketing Game will run from September 2 through December 1, 2013.  The fee to participate in the game is $20/person.  Players who finish in the top 1/3 of all players will receive a $40 cash prize.  Participants can register online by clicking here or they can download a printable registration form by clicking here.  Online registrants will recieve an electronic invoice via e-mail that they can pay using a credit card.  Participants that use the paper registration form can pay by cash or check (payment and mailing instructions are on the form).

You can download more details about the Commodity Challenge MU Extension Top 1/3 Grain Marketing Game by clicking the links below:

Brochure     Flier     Game Specifics     Evaluation Summary from Fall 2013 Game


Farm Recordkeeping Tools

Whitney Wiegel, MU Extension Agricultural Business Specialist, has developed a couple of basic spreadsheet-based recordkeeping tools that farmers can use to track their income and expenses.  "Farm Record Book Version 2.4" is designed for traditional row-crop & livestock farmers while "Farm Record Book Veggie Version 2.1" is designed for specialty crop & small livestock producers.  Basic instructions for using each tool are included in each file.

Farm Record Book 2.4 (.xlsx)

Farm Record Book Veggie 2.1 (.xlsx)