Laclede County Fair July 8-13, 2019

The Laclede County Fair will be held in Lebanon Missouri at the Laclede County Fair grounds

Please call the Laclede County Fair Supervisor listed below for any concerns or questions you may have.


Vendors: Jessica Rogers 417-991-8041


Family Exhibits: Jennifer Raef 417-718-3717


Horticulture: Dixie Krisher 417-991-2288


Photography: Eric Adams 417- 718-0326


Senior Day: Kathy Kincheloe 417-532-9733


Track: Todd Lowrance 417-531-2087

             John Beard 417-718-2308


Poultry/Rabbits: Jeff Pruitt 417-650-7100


Sheep/Goats: Nick Guthery 417-838-9325


Swine: Craig Evans 417-718-2758


Dairy Cattle: Justin Raef 417-531-1486


Beef Cattle: Aaron Wrinkle 417-531-5442

                      Tom Inman 417-588-5032


Ag Mechanics: Joe Stratton 417-533-2044


4H: Sam Lower 417-532-7126

4-H Exhibit Book 2019 (PDF)

FAIR Exhibit Book 2019 (PDF)

Schedule of Events 2019 (PDF)






4-H Horse Show (PDF)