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February 20, 2017



“On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

~Thomas Jefferson



Apple on top of newspaper with "healthy living" headlineBeware of misleading nutrition claims

Holly Jay, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, Cass County, University of Missouri Extension

Eat this, don’t eat that — as consumers, we are inundated with information about health and nutrition. There are many new recommendations to gain better health, get fit, lose weight and be healthier.

All this information can be a bit overwhelming. As consumers, we must be able to determine if the information is accurate and true, and not something that will harm our health now or in the future.

There are a few simple steps that we can take to help us determine if the information we receive is relevant, reliable and research-based...

To learn how to find reliable, accurate nutrition and health information, see the full version of this article at

Goat meat gets gold star for protein quality

Animal protein staples in America have traditionally been beef, pork and poultry. Until now, that is. American consumers are warming up to goat meat, a healthy protein choice that 75 percent of the world has been enjoying for a very long time.

Goat meat is leaner than beef and has just as many grams of protein per serving. It actually is lower in saturated fat than chicken. Goat meat also has more iron per serving than beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

“Consuming goat meat hasn’t been part of our culture, but its popularity is rising as people search for healthy, lean, hormone-free sources of protein,” said Lindsey Stevenson, a University of Missouri Extension nutrition and health education specialist...

To learn more about goat meat, including a recipe, see the full version of this article at

Form 1040 with penFile a tax return even if you don’t have to

Linda Geist, Writer, Extension Communications; Story source: Andrew Zumwalt, Assistant Extension Professor & Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension

University of Missouri Extension personal finance specialist Andrew Zumwalt gives three reasons why you should file a tax return even if it is not required.

First, you might get a refund of taxes withheld from a paycheck or pension, Zumwalt says. Also, some tax credits generate a refund. Examples include the Earned Income Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit and American Opportunity Credit. You can learn more about these credits at

Second, you lower the chance that the IRS will audit you...

To learn more about why you should file a tax return, see the full version of this article at

Man inviting ex-wife and daughter into his homeCo-parenting while living apart

Angie Nickell, former Graduate Assistant, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Missouri

Co-parenting involves negotiating how day-to-day parenting responsibilities and decisions will be shared. The extent to which parents can work together as partners in parenting is related to children’s adjustment and well-being. Studies have shown that children with parents who cooperate and support each other do better in school and have higher self-esteem. However, co-parenting can be especially difficult for divorced, separated and never-married parents who must work together while living apart. How can I effectively co-parent with my child’s other parent?

For important tips to make co-parenting easier and more successful, see the full version of this article at

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