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Teachers, as you continue to develop your classroom curriculum, consider adding a school visit from MU Extension staff to support your content. Email our office at for information on custom presentation for your classroom needs.

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Time to test your canner gauge!  Your gauge can be tested at the Extension Office, Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for only $1.

The following is a list of approved Guide Sheets from Extension

You may locate them at enter the GH number in the search box. You may download a free PDF.

Quality for Keeps Publications:

• GH1451 - Before You Start to Can, Learn the Basics
• GH1452 - Steps to Success in Home Canning
• GH1454 - Preserve Your Garden Delights—How to Can Fresh Vegetables
• GH1455 - Fruitful Canning
• GH1456 - Tantalizing Tomatoes—How to Can Fresh Tomato Products
• GH1457 - Pickling Basics—In a Pickle
• GH1459 - Pack a Pickled Product
• GH1461 - Sweet Spreads and Syrups
• GH1490 - Canning Meat, Fish and Poultry
• GH1501 - Freezing Basics
• GH1502 - Freezing Fruits
• GH1503 - Freezing Vegetables
• GH1504 - Freezing Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs and Dairy Products
• GH1505 - Freezing Home-Prepared Foods
• GH1506 - Freezer Problem Solver
• GH1507 - Freezing Unusual Fruits and Vegetables
• GH1562 - Drying Foods
• GH1563 - How to Dry Foods at Home
• GH1564 - Food Preservation—How to UseDried Foods