Your Farm, Your Business, Your Future

Do you want to be in charge of who gets your assets after you’re gone?  Are you concerned about what your estate will cost your heirs?  What are the best tools available to plan my estate?  If you want to address these questions, then please plan on attending Your Farm, Your Business, Your Future.  To learn more about the program, click below.

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Stay Strong Stay Healthy Classes

Would you like to feel better about yourself and your ability to stay active and engaged as you age?  A Stay Strong Stay Healthy class will be offered in Johnson County to help you Kick It Up.  Stay Strong Stay Healthy classes help participants build strength and balance through non-strenuous weight bearing exercises.  Men and women are encouraged to attend this hour long program to increase balance, strength and flexibility. Stay Strong Stay Healthy classes will be held in Kingsville from 8:30 to 9:30 am Monday and Wednesday at Kingsville Seventh Day Adventist Church.  The twice a week sessions begin June 13 and continue through August 10, 2016.  Participants above age 69 will need to have the two Physicians forms filled out and returned for the class. 

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Clover Kid Day Camp

It’s time again for Johnson County Clover Kid Day Camp! It is open to all youth ages 5-7 or those who will be clover kids next year. The Johnson County    4-H Council has tons of activities planned for the day. Don’t miss out! $15 fee includes T-shirt, crafts and lunch. RSVP no later than July 13.

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Soil Testing Services

It's that time of year to get in your soil samples for testing.  Basic soil testing analyzes nutrient content and fertility status. Results include fertilizer and lime recommendations. Additional tests are available for nutrient management plans, environmental issues, potting mixes, compost, manure and water usage. Each sample should contain about 1½ cups of dry soil from 6 to 7 inches deep. Consult our soil testing publications for specific instructions. Results are typically provided within two to three weeks.

There is a $15 per sample fee for testing soil. Results are normally returned within two weeks. Soil samples should be dry. Wet samples will delay results.