Volunteer Opportunities


  1. Pony Bird every Tuesday at 9:00 am. Located in Mapaville, MO. Contact Judy Price at judithprice@rocketmail.com or 314-650-9705
  2. Kress Farm every Wednesday at 9:00 am and every 4th Saturday Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Other times can be coordinated. Located just north of Hillsboro, MO. Contact Joe Corio at josephcorio@gmail.com or 314-307-0039.
  3. 911 Memorial Garden located in Arnold, MO. Contact Gaye Counts at gayecounts@yahoo.com or 636-296-0678
  4. Franciscan Farm located in DeSoto, MO. For dates and times contact Jack Zimmerman at jack@fsolph.org or 636-222-2799.
  5. Jefferson College  every Wednesday at 9:00 am. Located in Hillsboro, MO. Meet at the Flag Pole by the cafeteria. Contact Janet Patrick at Ronjanpatrick@gmail.com or  636-944-3595.
  6. Fort de Chartres Historic Site located in Prairie Du Rocher, IL. Contact  Carol Kuntz at kuntzcarol@ymail.com or 636-677-5515
  7. Fischer House at Jefferson Barracks Veterans Hospital every Saturday. Located in South St. Louis County. Contact Dorothy Schuette at 636-212-1671.