Whether you believe in weather predictions or not,
it's always good to be prepared




Thanks to Kenny Wilson (Dittmer area) for donating his Persimmon Seeds for our Annual Persimmon Seed Weather Theory

Over the past thirteen years Jefferson County Persimmons have told us if we would have snowy and icy winters. This year we checked approximately 18 persimmons seeds. We found 0 knives, all were spoons! With the drought we had this year, let's see if this years seeds come close to the long term forecasts we've heard. We need snow!  

Persimmon Facts:

A Persimmon fruit has many seeds inside. Folklore tells us that upon cracking them open, you will find any one of the three pieces of "silverware" shapes.

  • KNIFE: means you'll have a cold icy winter (where wind will slice through you like a knife winter) ...

  • SPOON: means you'll need to shovel out of snow...

  • FORK: means you'll have mild winter...

so...whichever you find the most shape of in the seeds, is the winter prediction.