Question:  How many hours a year do I need to maintain by active status?

Answer:    20 hours of volunteer work in a public places (beautification),
                 plus 6 educational hours, Fiscal period January to December.


Question:  What counts as educational hours?

Answer:     Quarterly meeting usually count for 1.5 hours , garden club meetings 
                  with speakers, college courses. Garden symposiums, attending level I
                  and Level II classes, anything that relates to gardening or what you can
                  do with gardening product.


Question:  If I attend the Level I training, how many classes can I miss?

Answer:    You are allowed to two miss classes.  All classes missed must be 
                 made up the following year.


Question:  When will my Level I deposit be returned?

Answer:    After you graduate and perform 30 hours volunteer work. All 30 hours 
                 must be within a year of your class ending.


Question:  What prior knowledge do I need to enroll in a Level I class?

Answer:     No prior knowledge is required.


Question:  Can I start doing my volunteer hours before the Level I class ends?

Answer:     Yes, actually we encourage students to start performing their hours as soon
                  as possible. That way they will get to know existing Master Gardener’s and will 
                  have better chance of integrating into the program.