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4-H News and Notes

The Jasper County 4-H News and Notes is published monthly. It provides our members with the most up-to-date information on 4-H happenings in the county, region, state and at the national level.
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Ag News and Views

A monthly newsletter for Ag Producers

  • December 2016 (PDF)
    Cooler Temperatures Make Best Time to Test for Radon
    Choosing and Caring for Your Christmas Tree
    Missouri Fence Law Change - Impact on Livestock Owners and Landowners
    Tips for Winterizing Your Home
    Cow Body Condition Score: Identification and Goals for Your Beef Cattle Operation
    Understanding a Hay Test and Incorporation into a Winter Beef Cow Feeding Program
    Teach Children Farm Safety
    Beef Newsletter
  • November 2016 PDF
    Forage testing
    Jasper County Extension Council election
    Asian Lady Beetles
    Upcoming Events
    Blackberry Production Workshop
    Beef newsletter
  • October 2016 (PDF)
    Testing and treating well water for bacterial safety
    Continued growth in meat supply hurts livestock prices
    Welcome Jennifer Lutes, Agri-business specialist, McDonald County MU Extension
    Upcoming events
    Farm and business assessment survey
    Beef newsletter
  • September 2016 (PDF)
    Fescue pasture
    Regional Grazing School - Lamar
    Beef and Forage Tour
    Beef newsletter
  • August 2016 (PDF)
    Heat-related illnesses - protect yourself
    Seasonal and Simple
    Beef newsletter
  • July 2016 (PDF)
    Too much heat; too little rain can change crop picture quickly
    Japanese beetles
    Beef newsletter
  • June 2016 (PDF)
    Great news in U.S. climate change
    Forward vs. cash contracts in grain marketing
    Do you have what it takes to negotiate a government contract?
    Beef newsletter
  • May 2016 (PDF)
    Simple steps can help prevent hay bale fires
    There are no short cuts to building equity
    Documenting the value of sweat equity
    Beef newsletter
  • April 2016 (PDF)
    Evaluate your recent winter feeding season
    Beef newsletter
  • March 2016 (PDF)
    Buckling up for some lean years
    Beef newsletter
  • February 2016 (PDF)
    Curtain drains dry swampy soil
    Watching your farm business grow
    The alternative fertilizer
    Beef newsletter
  • January 2016 (PDF)
    New MU cash rental rates
    Creating a good lease agreement
    Comparing fuels helps you select cost-effective heating system
    Beef newsletter
  • December 2015 (PDF)
    Cooler temperatures make best time to test for radon
    Online tool offers farmers information about land parcels
    Soybean variety tests show surprisingly good yields
    Choosing and caring for your Christmas tree
    Weatherization tips as we ready our homes for the cold winter months
    Beef newsletter
  • November 2015 (PDF)
    MU Extension posts 2015 Land value survey results
    Heating your home with seasoned wood
    Beef newsletter
  • October 2015 (PDF)
    Forage insurance 
    Is cash in hand at  harvest your best value?
    Fall control of musk thistle
    Calculating winter hay storage
    Fall weed control
    Beef newsletter

Grow for It

A newsletter for Ozark Gateway Master Gardeners

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Quality for Keeps

A newsletter for those who produce and preserve food can be found at Franklin County's Food Preservation site.