Health Insurance Education Initiative

Individuals and families

Regional extension specialists across the state will offer fact-based programs to help individuals and families better understand the new health care law and make informed health insurance decisions.

These local programs will cover topics such as

  • Basics of how the health care law affects health insurance,
  • What the new health care law means for you and your family,
  • How to understand all of your health insurance options including Missouri’s Health Insurance Marketplace,
  • How to get help to pay for your health insurance,
  • How to enroll in health insurance,
  • Basic health insurance terms,
  • The impact of the new health care law on employer coverage and other types of health insurance, and
  • Changes to Medicare based on the new health care law.

Watch these videos

Required 10 essential health insurance benefits

Specific health care services that health insurance companies must provide for most plans, including the health insurance marketplace

Affordable Care Act changes to Medicare: Overview

Changes that Medicare recipients should know about, including details on the new free preventive services and changes to Medicare’s Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Affordable Care Act individual mandate

Specifics about the individual mandate, penalties for not having health insurance, and exceptions to the mandate

New coverage option: Health Insurance Marketplace

Description of the marketplace, what it is, types of plans offered, costs of plans, and how to get more information about Missouri’s Health Insurance Marketplace

Avoiding health insurance scams

How to recognize, protect yourself against, and report health insurance scams

How to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Description of the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace, how to enroll in Marketplace plans, how to learn if you can get financial assistance to pay for health care, and how you can get unbiased information and help with enrollment

Societal effects of health insurance

How health insurance affects the economy, society and the health of the community, including statistics on health insurance coverage in Missouri

Health Insurance Marketplace financial assistance

Who is eligible for premium tax credits to help pay insurance premiums, how to get the premium tax credit, how cost-sharing reductions work, and who is eligible for cost-sharing reductions at the time of service

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