Health Insurance Education Initiative

Health Insurance Education Initiative

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which became law in 2010, created new requirements and coverage options for consumers and employers, who now need to make critical decisions about health insurance in a changed environment. As a nonpartisan entity, University of Missouri Extension provides education to ensure you have the resources and skills you need to make informed health insurance decisions for yourself, your family and your business.

Through the Health Insurance Education Initiative, extension provides the facts to help you

  • Better understand how the law affects you,
  • Understand your health insurance options, and
  • Make important health insurance decisions.

The Health Insurance Education Initiative launched in October 2013. Through this initiative, more than 100 extension faculty have received training to deliver local programs about how the Affordable Care Act affects Missourians. Since the initiative's inception, MU Extension has delivered more than 400 workshops around the state to more than 4,000 Missourians. An additional 1,000,000 people received information via other events and outreach activities, newspaper articles, television stories, radio spots, podcasts, websites and email effort.

MU Extension provides this information to help Missouri residents make informed health insurance decisions by understanding options and responsibilities outlined in the Affordable Care Act. Extension faculty offer education in every county of Missouri in a politically neutral environment.

Click on Find local educators for an interactive map that helps you find a trained extension faculty member near you to request a workshop or additional information.



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