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Nov. 15, 2010


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In the news

Extension program realignment and budget reductions pave way for the future

As part of the University of Missouri’s continual efforts to increase efficiencies and optimize resources, Chancellor Brady Deaton and Provost Brian Foster announced Nov. 8 that University of Missouri Extension’s e-learning programs will be realigned, some positions will be reduced, and MU Extension’s role in the statewide TeleCenter Network partnership will end in favor of a more effective response to the distance learning needs of today’s students. These efforts will result in a nearly 20 percent reduction in MU Extension’s budget and will enable extension personnel to focus on core missions, including job growth and economic development.

 “In these difficult budget times, I think it is important to be proactive in determining where and how limited resources will be deployed. We are taking this opportunity to take charge of our future, for the benefit of the people of Missouri,” said Michael Ouart, vice provost and director of MU Extension.

 “MU Extension is strategically planning for an anticipated reduction in the state’s base support to higher education in fiscal year 2012. We will continue our long history of providing local programs to Missouri’s citizens that help create engaged youth, healthier families, more jobs, vibrant communities, stronger agriculture and an overall better quality of life.”

News releases are available online at

Details of these changes discussed Nov. 9 in Adobe Connect conferences with regional and state faculty and staff are available for review online at

As discussed in the teleconferences, the non-credit units of continuing education will remain with extension. A transition task force will be announced by Dec. 1 to make recommendations about how additional reductions in the core budget might be made. Members will include TLR (regional directors, program directors and cabinet), representatives from UMEA (regional and campus), continuing education, the state extension council and a staff member.

“I am planning to meet with each TeleCenter partnership and regional extension council, the state extension council, and with regional and campus faculty/staff face-to-face in the next 45 days. The exact time and date of those meetings will be set soon,” added Ouart.


FY 2011 budget information

FY ’11 budget information is available at


Strong farm economy spurs investment

Farmers around the country are using their good fortune to invest in much-needed upgrades and machinery.

Video news story

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High crop prices giving farmers opportunity to invest in new equipment


National AgrAbility training workshop

Jackie Allenbrand, AgrAbility rural outreach specialist, and Beverly Maltsberger, community development specialist, conducted a workshop, “From a Log to a Dog: The PHARM Dog Project,” at the National AgrAbility Training Workshop in Charleston, W.Va. The session provided an overview of how the Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri (PHARM) Dog Project was developed and its progress to date. In 2009, the project placed its first trained border collie with a local farmer to help him with his daily chores after a PTO accident. Additional dogs are in training for other farmers with disabilities. 


Multicultural media award


From left: Julie Middleton, director of organizational development; Pam Morris, Purdue University, leader of the CoP, and Kesha Duncan, CoP research assistant.

The eXtension Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community of Practice (CoP) received the Multicultural Media Award at the President’s Banquet at the 20th annual conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME), Nov. 6-7 in Las Vegas.

The award was given in recognition of the fact that the CoP “fosters intellectual thinking, discourse and engagement through cutting-edge information and educational resources.” The areas of focus for the CoP are civil rights and legal issues, workforce diversity, organizational development and change, professional development and reaching new audiences.  Julie Middleton, director of organizational development, is the editor for the workforce diversity section.


Implementation of electronic travel reimbursement system

To gain efficiencies in processing of electronic travel vouchers, travel policies are being reviewed and changes being recommended. This in turn means that implementation will be delayed. There is not a “go live” date yet, but assume that the implementation will happen before the end of the fiscal year 2011 (June 30, 2011). Discussions with the regional directors have been ongoing as to how implementation will occur for regional faculty and staff.

A formal announcement of travel changes as well as testing schedules, training schedules and other pertinent information will be shared as available. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Callie Glascock at


Acceptance of credit cards at the county level

Currently, more than 30 counties are now taking credit cards at the local level. For the month of October, a little over $6,000 in charges were recorded. Counties wishing to sign up for one of the two available options can go to the website for more information. See or contact Callie Glascock at


Energy mini-grants funded

Six mini-grants have been funded to provide for energy education programs throughout Missouri, reports Don Day, extension associate – energy.

  1. "Southeast Missouri Energy Education" will support consolidation of efforts by the team members to develop rural energy enterprises in SE Missouri and a Renewable Energy Conference on Dec. 2.  Extension faculty across the state can attend this conference by interactive television. Contact Van Ayers at 573-568-3344 or for more information.
  2. "Energy Saving Demonstration for Businesses" will distribute vinyl signs to businesses in Vernon County that will encourage customers to slip in the door and not hold the door open for extended periods. Project coordinator is Pat Miller.
  3. "Home Environmental Design Decisions—The Environmental Touch" will educate youth in the third through fifth grades in the Kansas City area with an energy curriculum recently adapted by MU Extension.  The energy curriculum addresses efficient lighting, energy loss around windows and doors, electronics and appliance energy use, etc.  Project coordinator is Marsha Alexander.
  4. "Energy Efficiency:  4-H Camp Investigation" will train 4-H campers at Camp Clover Point to be energy detectives and find ways to save energy in their homes.  Project coordinator is Robin Loehner.
  5. "Energy Solutions for Missouri Hotels" will help Missouri hotels find ways to reduce energy use and reduce greenhouse gases.  It will focus primarily on hospitality educators from Missouri colleges and universities and hospitality providers.  Project coordinators are Marie Steinwachs and Leah Christian.
  6. "Boonville Community Compost Project" will start a demonstration compost program for schools and a restaurant in Boonville.  The compost will be used on community gardens to reduce the need for commercial fertilizers and reduce the amount of food waste hauled to the landfill.  The composting education for the community will further reduce the amount of food waste going to the landfill. Project coordinators are Art Schneider and Todd Lorenz.

Each of these projects will provide summaries to all extension faculty.  Materials developed will be available to anyone interested.


Upcoming events

Energy program mini-grants second round

“How would you like to participate in moving the MU Extension energy program to the next level?” asks Don Day, extension associate – energy.  “We are offering mini-grants to support extension energy programs, demonstrations, development of educational resources/materials, etc.”

This opportunity is available to any faculty and/or team with an extension appointment that will be doing energy programming.  The program seeks innovative proposals based on the following guidelines:

“Please be as creative as you can in developing projects,” Day said. “The programs can be in any extension program area.  We encourage you to work across program areas.”

Submit program proposals by Jan. 1, 2011 to Don Day, 2-28 Agriculture Building, Columbia, Mo. 65211. For more information, contact Day at



Coming and going

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Chris Bromley returns to MU Extension as the pre-award grants and contracts specialist for AMT fiscal. She is located in 212A Whitten Hall and can be reached at 573-882-6063.
Herman Ware  is resuming his responsibilities as the post-award contact for MU Extension, He is located in 212D Whitten Hall and can be reached at 573-882-2009.
Tracie L. Vangel, administrative assistant, joins Janet Kelly, executive assistant, who works with Mary Simon Leuci, assistant dean and community development program director.
Kenzie Pringle, nutrition program associate, SW Region.
Terri Scaff, nutrition program associate, SW Region.
Kristie Fennel, nutrition program assistant, CM Region.



Our sympathy goes to the families of:

Allan Purdy, former state horticulture specialist and retired director of University of Missouri student financial aid, who passed away on Oct. 14.
Jim Nordstrom, retired Lincoln University specialist, who passed away on Oct. 16.
Frank Haston, retired continuing education specialist, who passed away Oct. 19.


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