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July 15, 2011


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In the news

CPD Revitalization Committee update

CPD discussion

The County Program Director Revitalization Committee is rolling out plans to improve and strengthen the role of CPDs within MU Extension and create a better organizational understanding of the importance of these key positions.  This video reviews the committee’s membership and process, and outlines key recommendations that will be implemented within the next year:


As a follow-up to the video, six Adobe Connect sessions will take place in August to share more information and answer questions.  All county program directors are expected to participate in one of the Adobe Connects, and all faculty and staff are invited to participate. To participate in a session, CPDs, faculty and staff should send an email to Leslie Mallett at indicating their preferred date and time. An Outlook meeting request from Sharon King will then be sent to the participant.

Dates and times for the August Adobe Connect sessions:


Meet the Japanese beetles


Japanese beetles will feed on more than 400 plant species. Are your trees on the menu?(Chuck Bargeron, University of Georgia,

The destructive Japanese beetle will be breeding and feeding over the next few weeks.  This is bad news for both crop producers and homeowners because they eat nearly anything. Debbie Johnson reports.

More about Japanese beetles from Roger Meissen and Kent Faddis.


Robo camp

It’s summer break, which means lots of kids are heading to camp.  One camp is replacing campfires and swimming pools with math and science, and these campers love it.  Kent Faddis reports.


Master Gardener Team is chartered

A 15-member Master Gardener Leadership Team is now operating to provide oversight and set standards for the popular volunteer program across the state.

“The members of the self-directed work team share equal responsibility for the success of the group,” says Dave Baker, CAFNR assistant dean, agriculture extension. To facilitate business, the team elected David Trinklein as “Convener.” There will be no chairperson. Length of service is indefinite. Members can leave. New members will be accepted on vote of the current team. They are:

Donna Aufdenberg, SE Region horticulture specialist; Tim Baker, NW Region horticulture specialist; Nathan Brandt, EC Region horticulture specialist; Pat Byers, SW Region horticulture specialist; Alix Carpenter, NE Region agronomy specialist; Sarah Denkler, SE Region horticulture specialist; Tom Fowler, NW Region horticulture specialist; Jim Jarman, CM Region agronomy specialist; Kate Kammler, EC Region agronomy/plant sciences specialist; Scott Killpack, EC Region agronomy/natural resource specialist; Lala Kumar, WC Region horticulture specialist; Todd Lorenz, CM Region horticulture/agronomy specialist; James Quinn, CM Region horticulture specialist; Jennifer Schutter, NE Region horticulture specialist; and David Trinklein, associate professor of horticulture, Team Convener.

The team will address issues such as minimum standards for training, provide oversight of advanced training, establish guidelines for volunteer service and evaluate the program.


Camp introduces teen girls to career choices


EC nutrition program associate Pam Ingram (in the back wearing the white lanyard) supervises preparation of fruit salsa at the UM-St. Louis 2011 Girls Leadership Camp,  where 77 high-school-age women explored  educational and leadership opportunities to help fulfill their career goals.



Parker receives Chancellor's Outstanding Faculty Retiree Award

parker award The 2011 Chancellor’s Outstanding Faculty Retiree Award went to John Parker (right) for his volunteer service to the university and the community, including his coordination of the spring and fall meetings of MU Extension retirees. John received the award from Deputy Chancellor Michael Middleton (left) at the Chancellor’s Retiree Luncheon.


MU Extension polo shirts for sale from MEAFCS

The Missouri Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is selling Sport-Tek Micropique Sport-Wick polo shirts embroidered with the MU Extension logo, says Sarah Traub, SC human development specialist.

“This is the perfect shirt to wear at the county fair, when doing a program outside, when doing a field visit, when at camp, or just in the office—yet still look professional!” she said.

Shirts are $26 (prices higher for size 2XL and larger) and available in black, gold or white.  Sarah has samples of the shirts and can send pictures or make other arrangements if you want to see what they look like.

Delivery will be made either at the MU Extension Day, Sept. 17 at the MU Tigers football game or at the Galaxy conference.  Campus staff will have shirts delivered to them on campus.

You can download an order form here.

For more information, contact Traub at 573-774-6177 or


Waterhemp resistance headlines MU Pest Management Field Day

field day

Kevin Bradley explains results of weed research at the annual MU Pest Management Field Day on July 7. (Roger Meissen/MU Cooperative Media Group)

More than 100 people filled tour wagons to learn about the latest in weed research July 7 at the annual MU Pest Management Field Day at Bradford Farm. Despite crops at the farm receiving significant hail damage less than a week before, tours allowed plant sciences faculty and graduate students to show research plots and detail the most recent information on combating weeds in corn, soybeans and pastures. Roger Meissen has more about the field day.


Communications tip from Duane Dailey

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is a master communicator. Extension workers can learn from his style.

The revitalized Newsweek magazine has an article in its July 16 issue on “How to Build a Winning Team,” by Jack and Suzy Welch. Yes, they are promoting a new book. But the two-page article contains enough info to get juices flowing.

Anyone who heads a committee can learn from their team-building tips. You don’t have a salary to reward volunteers. But you have honest words of praise and recognition that can be dispersed every day.

We can learn also from Welch’s dislike of PowerPoint presentations. From his books I know he believes in starting with a one-page summary of the main message. Big plans can be condensed to one page. The same goes for extension programs.

That one-pager should be written before a single PowerPoint slide is manufactured.


Upcoming events

Volunteers needed for the MU Extension booth at the 2011 State Fair

"We need booth volunteers to represent MU Extension during the 2011 Missouri State Fair," said Vicki Bach, HES Extension coordinator. Volunteers are desired from each program area (Business Development, Community Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth Development, Continuing Education, and Human Environmental Sciences) and program support units.

The fair runs Aug. 11-21. Currently, there are more than 20 shifts open.  The morning shifts run 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m. and afternoon shifts are 12:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.  Follow the link to view the current volunteer schedule:   2011 Staffing Schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Bach at 573-882-5117 or


Nominations for county clerical staff awards due July 29

There is still time to nominate your colleagues for the 2011 County Clerical Staff Recognition Awards. The awards honor extension support-staff members who exhibit outstanding performance with the University of Missouri, MU Extension and county extension councils.

The nomination deadline has been extended to July 29.

All county-paid support staff members, full- or part-time, are eligible for the County Clerical Awards.  Individuals may be nominated for multiple awards in a given year.  Individuals nominated or selected as a finalist in previous years are eligible.  Past recipients are ineligible for the same award for a three-year period but may be nominated in other categories in that time.  Members of the County Clerical Awards Committee and selection subcommittees are ineligible.

Clerical staff members can nominate themselves.  Nominations may also be made by all other full- or part-time professional, paraprofessional and clerical staff members, and by county council members.  The top three individuals nominated for the Rookie of the Year and Junior and Senior Clerical awards will be interviewed by the Clerical Awards Committee members.  Nominations for Clerical Awards should be sent electronically by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom of the nomination form.  Technology Award nominations may be submitted electronically or by hard copy. 

More information is available online at or from Joan Andrews, Montgomery County office support staff, at


Graves-Chapple Field Day not flooded out

The Missouri River flood has not drowned out the Graves-Chapple Field Day, Aug. 23, in northwestern Missouri, contrary to a floating rumor. “As long as we still have road access, we will have a field day,” says farm coordinator Jim Crawford, MU Extension engineer, Rock Port, Mo. “There are a lot of farmers unaffected by the flood.”

However, floodwaters now cover the lower research plots on the west side of I-29.

Wayne Flanary, extension regional agronomist, said at Bradford Farm Crop Clinic on Wednesday that the river is impressively close to the plots on the east side of I-29. River water reached within a few feet of the lower end of the research farm where the big sign is located on I-29.

As of July 13, the Corps of Engineers reduced discharge from the Gavins Point Dam. That should allow the flood to begin to recede.

I-29 is closed in northern Atchison County. Roads are open at the research farm headquarters located northeast of Exit 99 at Craig, Mo. Turn east, not west.


Coming and going

Please welcome

Jane Elizabeth Heffernan, EC nutrition program associate.

Carrie Anne Edwards, coordinator publications/media relations, HES Extension.



Jamie Thompson, CM family financial education specialist.

Dianne Lynn Covell, 4-H youth development educator.



 Our sympathy goes out to:

The family of Becky Marler, administrative associate, SE Region, who passed away suddenly on July 12. Expressions of sympathy can be sent to her husband Ron, daughter Kelly Ellis and her husband Gene, and grandchildren Trey and Gina Ellis at:  405 W. 8th Street, Portageville, Mo  63873.

Funeral arrangements can be found at   


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