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January 15, 2012


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In the news

Sucker gigging: A 200-year-old Ozark tradition endures

Families go fishing at night. In December. With spears. Kent Faddis reports.

See also: Related news release by Curt Wohleber.


MU Extension strategic plan

More than 100 extension faculty, staff and council members completed last fall's questionnaire requesting feedback on the new MU Extension Strategic Plan, reports Rhonda Gibler, associate vice provost-management. "Of all responses received, 94 percent have been 'agree' or 'strongly agree' across the questions posed."

There were a few comments related to Goal #7 expressing concern about "rebranding" MU Extension or creating a new logo. "Our current MU Extension logo has been very successful in branding our programs," Gibler said. "We do not plan to change the logo that is creating such a very positive image statewide. The intent of Goal #7 is to unite the Extension organization in more significant ways to insure that we are capitalizing on the assets available to create the greatest impact with the limited resources at our disposal. There are a number of natural divides in how we do our work. This goal will be a concerted effort to insure those divides don't limit the cross-program and cross-discipline work we could and should do together."

In December, the MU Extension leadership--regional, program and continuing education directors; extension leaders at Missouri S&T, UMSL and UMKC; support operation leaders; and cabinet--met in Columbia to begin developing action steps to make the strategic plan a living document. The action steps will be shared with workgroups as they are developed.

It is not too late to provide feedback. "While the questionnaire will be open through February, please complete it at your earliest opportunity," Gibler said. Allow about 30 minutes to read the strategic plan and complete the short questionnaire on how well it pulls together the themes under which high-priority work will take place in the coming years. "Please keep in mind that at this level the plan is not intended to voice all the specific high-priority activities but to create a framework for annual work plans," she said.

MU Extension Strategic Plan

MU Extension Strategic Plan Feedback Questionnaire


Extension budget news

Eldon Cole, livestock specialist, was recently interviewed by “Progressive Cattleman” for an articled called "Poor economy taking a heavier toll on extension networks." The article discussed how reduced public funds affect the cattle industry by reducing support for extension program. Cole commented on the impact of the reduced public funds on staff numbers and on the need to generate revenue to help cover expenses.


Swope selected to ALDP

Congratulations to Karen Swope, manager-fiscal operations, Business Development Program, for her selection to the Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP). ALDP, a component of the President’s Academic Leadership Institute, provides professional development opportunities to a small group of selected leaders from across the University of Missouri System. Program participants learn more about themselves and their leadership characteristics; further their development as leaders; meet other leaders throughout the UM system and work with others to make a difference on their campus.


Don't let copyright infringement bite your career

Writing tip from Duane Dailey

You’re an honorable extension educator, ethical and true. That does not give you the right to “borrow” the words of others. When you use them without the author’s permission you are stealing.

All of that stuff on the Internet is free -- to read, but copyright law applies to work on the Web as well as in print.

Giving attribution does not excuse you from copyright violation.

Copyright applies the minute an author stops typing. Even before publication that word arrangement belongs to the author.

Facts and ideas cannot be copyrighted, but arrangement of facts and ideas can be.

Sure, there is a “fair use” doctrine, but borrowers always give a more liberal definition than attorneys for copyright owners.

To avoid hassles, ask permission.

It seems silly when an editor calls me to ask permission to use a news release in a company newsletter. But company lawyers have made true believers of those editors.

Asking allows the author to say, “Oh no! That story is out of date. Use my new report.”

It is hard to claim “fair use” when you lift a photograph. All photos belong to someone.

Reference: Chapter on copyright and media law in the Associated Press Stylebook.


How to get grant information

"I get lots of questions about grants and contracts," reports Callie Glascock, administrative manager. "Did you know we have a website for grant-related information?"

The Web page, Summary of current extension grants and contracts, contains monthly grant activity reports, a list of the top 20 state and federal government awards, total grant dollars by program area, and a link to “Administering grants and contracts.” Total grant and contracts reported as of Jan. 3 is $28,328,350. That is more than MU Extension receives from state or federal appropriations.


Travel and expense update

Beginning Jan. 1, the entire UM system became fully integrated into the electronic travel reimbursement system (T&E) for university-paid travel. Paper travel reimbursement forms will only be accepted for non-university employees. For more information, see "Travel & Expense PS module (T&E)" on the MU Extension website. If you need assistance in submitting travel reimbursement, please contact your regional associate, fiscal unit contact or the AMT – fiscal group.


Upcoming events

Media training webinars offered

ISE 233, Media Relations 101: Jan. 24, 9:30- 11 a.m.

This workshop will help extension faculty understand how to communicate their stories in today's ever-evolving media climate.  This is a repeat of the presentation at Galaxy last Oct. 1.

ISE 234, Social Media Presentation Overview, Feb. 15, 10:30 a.m.- noon OR Feb. 16, 1-2:30 p.m.

This workshop will explore the current trends of social media as a marketing tool, looking at platforms such as Digg, Flickr, Google+ and LinkedIn, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter and their uses in business.

Both ISEs will be led by MU graduate Anna Lawrence, associate partner at Word Marketing.

For more information, see In-Service Education on the MU Extension website.


UMEA professional improvement scholarships

“One of the great benefits of belonging to UMEA is that you are eligible to apply for UMEA professional improvement scholarships,” says Cindy Zluticky, UMEA treasurer. “This year UMEA will give $2,000-$3,000 in scholarships.” 

Deadlines for applying are Feb. 1 and Aug. 1.  Awards are for up to $500.  Applicants must be a current member of UMEA and have been a member the last two years.  Priority will be given to first-time applicants.  Application guidelines can be found on the UMEA website at  

Applicants will be notified by March 1 and Sept. 1.  Apply today!

“It’s not too late to join UMEA,” says Amie Schleicher, UMEA president. “ In addition to providing professional development funds, UMEA serves as a voice for  field faculty with MU Extension administration, represent field faculty on University of Missouri and MU Extension committees, sponsors Legislative Day, and recognizes outstanding UMEA members during the annual conference.”


Coming and going

Please welcome

Lee Ann Woolery, MU Extension community art specialist, who began Jan. 9.

Laura Ancell, CM administrative assistant, Family Nutrition Program.

Jingyan Xia, clerical, Youth and 4-H.

Brandi Sutherland, SC nutrition program associate.


New arrivals

Congratulations to Vivian Honse, secretary, Maries County Extension, on the birth of a new grandson,  Charleston James Duensing, born Friday, Jan. 6.  He weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Congratulations to Laura Faherty, office support staff, Phelps County on the birth of her granddaughter.  Brooklyn Olivia Farrow was born on Friday, January 6th.  She weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 21 inches long.



Our sympathy goes to:

Dan Downing, whose father, Louie B. Downing, passed away on Dec. 22.  Memorials may be made to the Janelle Downing 4-H Foundation Scholarship, the Charles A. Ledgerwood Scholarship Fund in care of Sedalia School District Foundation, or All You Need is Love Food Pantry care of Auburn Presbyterian Church.   


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