News for employees, Feb. 15, 2010

Putting knowledge to work

Annual report touts MU Extension's statewide economic impact

MU Extension Annual Report

As Missourians deal with an unstable economy, MU Extension is connecting people, businesses and local governments with resources to survive these challenging times. The annual report highlights the impact extension faculty and staff are making with relevant, reliable and responsive programming.

Legislative Day ISE to focus on framing public issues

Animal care legislation could impact all extension programs

“MU Extension faculty, staff and council members are often involved in public issues that can be contentious,” said Mary Simon Leuci, community development program director.

“How those issues are framed and how the university’s research base is brought to bear on the issues is what distinguishes MU Extension’s educational mission from other groups’ involvement,” Leuci said.

An issue on the state’s immediate horizon is animal care and impetus from several groups to shape legislation that will affect the state’s economy, food safety and security, community sustainability and more.

“This is an issue that will affect every extension faculty and staff member across the state as well as those we serve,” said Dave Baker, ag and natural resources program director.

The Legislative Day ISE will provide an overview of livestock-related issues, including a description of legislation passed in other states and legislation on the horizon in Missouri.

The ISE is scheduled from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., March 2, at Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.

Craig Payne, MU Extension veterinary medicine specialist, will discuss the background surrounding the issues and give a current update. Bev Coberly, director of off-campus operations, and Leuci will review lessons learned and best practices on difficult public policy issues. Facilitated discussions will focus on the appropriate roles of faculty, staff and council members in responding to issues and meeting programmatic needs.

Faculty are encouraged to sign up for ISE 549, “Understanding Complex Public Issues and Extension Roles Using the Animal Care/Livestock/Food Industry as an Example,” through UMEA.

Travel and lunch costs for participants will be covered by the ISE. Only those registering in advance will be included in the meal count.

Energy news: Are you practicing what you teach?

The National Network for Sustainable Living Education is conducting a survey to see how well extension faculty nationwide practice what we teach when it comes to going green. The survey is based on MU Extension’s Walk the Talk survey conducted last year as a part of the Missouri-Iowa Going Green project.

Energy education has become an important topic for our clients, and our work in this area demonstrates our relevance and value in today’s society. I encourage you to participate in this Extension Walk Our Talk Survey.

MU Extension is sponsoring the Southeast Missouri Energy Conference, Feb. 26, at the Delta Center in Portageville. The agenda includes presentations on alternative energy sources, such as biomass and sweet sorghum; the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative; and state and federal energy programs; and concludes with a tour of the Associated Energy power plant in Marston.

Registration is $10 per person and includes lunch. Contact the Stoddard County extension office for details.
— Don Day

Learn how screen captures can enhance program delivery

Do you get frequent questions on a particular topic? Is there a concept in your programming that requires detailed explanations? Screen captures can help you provide those answers quickly and easily.

Screen-capture software allows you to “capture,” or copy, what is displayed on your computer screen to create an image file that can be used in presentations, workbooks, etc.

Kevin Baiotto, Kirksville TCRC coordinator, will demonstrate Community Clips, from 10 a.m. to noon, Feb. 23, via ITV.

Sign up by Feb. 16 to receive handouts in advance. To register, contact your regional TCRC:


Please welcome our newest colleagues:

• Clinton Dougherty, business specialist, NW Region
• Sharon Schattgen, research associate, OSEDA
• Kimberly Glover, nutrition program assistant, SE Region
• Mary Knight, nutrition program assistant, SE Region
• John Brueck, project director-strategic partnerships, Small Business Development Center
• David Schmidt, associate state specialist, Business Development Program

Recognize teamwork

Nominations for the Quarterly Teamwork Award are due March 1.

The award recognizes group efforts that yield results for MU Extension and the people we serve.

Still time for Ratchford nominations

Just a few weeks remain to nominate worthy faculty members for the C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship. Nominations are due March 2.

The award is given annually to a faculty member who makes significant contributions to the land-grant mission in extension, international education or agricultural economics.

HES faculty publications

Human Environmental Sciences-Extension faculty published several journal articles in 2009:

David Schramm, state human development specialist, was lead author in a Journal of Divorce and Remarriage article, “A revision of the Questionnaire for Couples in Stepfamilies” (50, 341-355).

Steve Ball, state fitness specialist, and Robin Gammon, extension associate, authored “MyActivity Pyramid for Adults,” published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal.

Sara Gable, state human development specialist, was lead author of “Implications of overweight onset and persistence for social and behavioral development between kindergarten entry and third grade,” published in Applied Developmental Science, 13(2), 88- 03.   

Mary Heffernan Wissman, EC nutrition specialist, was second author of “The effects of regular tanning bed use and increased vitamin D status on serum markers of bone turnover in healthy adult women,” published in Clinical Medicine: Women’s Health 2009; 2:1-17.

Last call: Fee generation session

Rhonda Gibler, assistant vice provost-management, will host the last scheduled Adobe Connect conference on fee standardization and revenue generation at 10 a.m., Feb. 23. Sign up by contacting Jeanne Miner.

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