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October 1, 2011


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In the news

Moving profound change forward

Change and flexibility in how we do our jobs and understanding what is important to everyday Missourians are issues we face daily in MU Extension. As part of the Sept. 15 ISE, Negotiating Profound Change, Michael Ouart and Beverly Coberly presented ways we can approach and better handle change. We captured their presentation and packed it into this handy PowerPoint to share with you.

More PowerPoint presentations from Michael Hicks


The next generation of ice cream

Food science graduate student Elizabeth Fenner has invented ice cream that changes flavor while in your mouth. Kent Faddis reports.

See also: Coverage by KSHB Kansas City and the nationally syndicated program Right this Minute.


Funding for St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project

The Missouri Foundation for Health has awarded a $223,000 grant to the St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project to support program development and expansion over the next three years, reports Kay Gasen, community partnership project director and MU Extension urban program leader.

The grant was submitted by the City of St. Louis Health Department, with a subcontract to MU Extension for program administration, community outreach and nutrition education.

The St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project works to add healthy options to the food available at small corner stores and markets in the city, primarily in neighborhoods without adequate supermarkets or other sources of affordable healthy food. The project engages local store owners, community residents and organizations in a set of strategies to increase healthy and fresh food options in St. Louis neighborhoods.

The project launched earlier this year through collaboration of MU Extension, the City of St. Louis Health and Public Safety departments, and the St. Louis Development Corporation. Startup funding was provided in part through urban extension funds on the UMSL campus, with two corner stores and neighborhoods participating in the pilot project. The St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project will expand to 12 corner stores over the next three years, increasing access to healthy and fresh foods and engaging neighborhood leadership teams in the promotion of healthy eating.

The MU Extension Healthy Corner Store team is chaired by Kara Lubischer, community development specialist, St. Louis County, who has made a major contribution in developing the project and deserves considerable credit for the progress to date, says Gasen. Other team members include nutrition and health education specialists Mary Wissmann and Linda Rellergert, former business development specialist Jean Pollard. Two UMSL Community Fellows (graduate students) will be engaged in the community outreach components of the project.


MU Extension Day with the Tigers

extension Tom Henderson and Jo Britt-Rankin show their true colors at the tailgate party.

About 80 current and former extension employees, family members, guests and state extension council members gathered for a tailgate party at the Hearnes Center before the Sept. 17 blowout win by the Mizzou Tigers. They enjoyed visiting, good food and entertainment from the MU cheerleaders and Marching Mizzou.  

UMEA President Susan Mills-Gray and Vice Provost for Extension Michael Ouart greeted the group. Everyone attending received a door prize. The grand prize was a voucher provided by Dr. Ouart to help cover expenses for attending the Missouri Galaxy Conference in November. It was won by Candy Gabel.

Many thanks to the UMEA planning committee: Lisa Wallace and Dean Larkin (co-chairs), Sarah Traub, Virgil Woolridge, Candy Gabel, Jessica Trussell, Georgia Stuart-Simmons and Jim Ronald, and to the Team Spirit self-directed work team: Susan Mills-Gray, Julie Middleton, Bev Maltsberger, Jim Ronald, Kathy Macomber, Clint Dougherty and Janet LaFon


Maltsberger quoted in Woman's Day

Beverly Maltsberger, community development specialist, Buchanan County, was quoted on page 38 of the Oct. 17 issue of Woman’s Day magazine in an article titled “4 things that disaster experts do that you probably don’t”:

#3 Keep important papers together: “I keep copies of my tax returns for the last three years right next to my social Security card and my insurance paperwork in one place, so I can grab and go,” says Beverly Maltsberger, of the state Community Emergency Management leadership team in Missouri.


Womack honored for FAPRI analysis

Abner Womack

Friends from around the world came to salute Abner Womack on his retirement from the MU Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) last Friday.

That FAPRI acronym became known worldwide as the MU economists analyzed the impact of policy changes considered by the U.S. Congress.

If you watch farm bill debates on CNN, you hear lawmakers from both sides of the aisle quoting FAPRI.

“We never recommended courses of action,” Womack said. “We just laid out impartial numbers for all to see. It was up to policymakers to decide.”

What Womack brought to MU, at the beginning of the computer age, was an ability to study large data sets to project 10-year baseline prices on all crops and livestock.

Starting with punch cards and mainframe computers, FAPRI models were expanded as computing power grew. The mainframe, retired long ago, had less computing capacity than the smartphone in your pocket.

Womack, a math whiz, knew how to capture the ever-increasing computer speed. All of the proposed policies in recent farm bills were fine-tuned using results of annual FAPRI baselines.

When ethanol arrived, the models doubled in size to handle the new price equations.

Womack has not retired fully. He will work to secure funding to assure FAPRI remains here to analyze future legislation. A visiting economist observed, “I can’t imagine a farm bill without FAPRI.”


Missouri Photo Workshop visits Clinton, Mo.

Lisa Wallace, human development specialist and Henry County CPD, helped 39 professional journalists from 14 countries find stories in her hometown, Clinton, Mo. She was assisted by husband Dan Wallace, who is assistant superintendent of schools and an MU agricultural journalism graduate.

They were on the welcome committee for the Missouri Photo Workshop, which documented Henry County this week. Their photos will be on display at the Benson Community Center, Saturday, Oct. 1. The last time MPW was in town, thousands lined up to see how photographers saw their town. This time, a much larger show gallery can handle the crowd.

This is the 63rd annual week of extending photo education from MU campus to the world. The educational event for documentary photographers moves to a small town in rural Missouri each year. Top photographers from across nation volunteer to teach, along with MU faculty.

Duane Dailey, extension photojournalist, has invested 29 weeks to photo continuing education. Jim Curley, former extension photographer, is now MPW co-director with David Rees of the MU School of Journalism.

Photo stories will be on MPW website:


Wage war on worthless words

By Duane Dailey

The Harvard Business Review urges business leaders to write tight. We in extension can learn from them.

The Harvard editors say: “Writing today—a report, memo, or email—must be short if you want people to read it.”

They offer three tips. I’ll shorten them for you:

I’d add, delete words in each sentence, as well. Adverbs are suspect.

Truly, they rarely add meaning. (See!)


Nutrition & Exercise Physiology Seminar videos available online

There are two videos available from this fall’s Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Seminar Series.

Jill Kanaley of the University of Missouri outlined the “Effects on Glucose and Insulin throughout the Day.” mms://

Dr. David Collier of the East Carolina University’s Pediatric Healthy Weight Research and Treatment Center discussed “Intersection of Clinical Service and Research Opportunities” and the unique role that land grant universities can fill in this research.


More information on the NEP Seminar Series is available online:


Upcoming events

Register for the 2011 UMEA Galaxy Conference!

“Nov. 1 and 2 are the dates for the 2011 UMEA Galaxy Conference at the Windermere Conference Center in Roach, Mo.," says Joe Koenen, 2011 Galaxy Conference chair. “The registration form and conference agenda are available on the UMEA website.”

This year’s conference theme is “Making a Difference for a Stronger Missouri.” The Galaxy Conference is a time for professional development, networking and association meetings. There is no registration fee for attending Galaxy but attendees are responsible for room costs and transportation.

The banquet keynote speaker will be Anna Mae Kobbe, retired USDA extension director. Dr. Kobbe is noted for being an excellent speaker, teacher and humorist. She will share real-life examples from her work and volunteer experiences to drive home important messages as she discusses “Three P’s in a Pod.”

Registrations must be received by Oct. 20. Mail registration form to Cindy Zluticky, 1106 W. Main Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015.


Electronic travel reimbursement system debuts in October

MU Extension is scheduled to go live on the Electronic Travel Reimbursement System (T&E) Oct. 1. All university-paid employee travel must be submitted through this system for reimbursement. Information is available on the staff resources page at online travel vouchers. If you have any questions, please contact Callie Glascock at


Coming and going

Please welcome

Robert Russell, labor education specialist, St. Louis County.

Jennifer Kempker, 4-H youth development program assistant, Miller County.

Patrick Davis, livestock specialist, Johnson County.

Millie Miller-Hoover, PTAC counselor, St. Louis County.

Andrew McCorkill, livestock specialist, Dallas County.



Our condolences to:

The family of Alex “Bud” Wilson Smith of Columbia, who died Sept. 9. He was 96. He worked about 15 years for extension in Whitten Hall.  He took care of the extension cars, sorted mail, delivered packets to Jesse Hall and did other odd jobs.

Della Underwood, SE Region FNEP office support, on the death of her mother, Mary Gilmore, who passed away Sept. 13.  Expressions of sympathy can be sent to William (Buddy) and Della Underwood, 3922 County Road 534, Ellington, MO 63638.

Kendra Graham, SE Region livestock specialist, on the death of her grandmother, Hilda Govero, who passed away Sept. 23. Expressions of sympathy can be sent to Kendra, husband Mike and sons Garrett and Gavin at 1018 Madison 9216, Fredericktown, MO  63645.


If you have items to include in future issues, please send them to Karen Dickey or Curt Wohleber in the Cooperative Media Group. If you have questions, contact Mark Stillwell, CMG interim director.