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June 1, 2010

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In the news

Thorpe leads Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program


State appropriations reduced $1.48 M

“State funding to higher education for the fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011) is set at a 5.2 percent reduction from 2010 levels,” says Rhonda Gibler, assistant vice-provost, management. “Extension is being treated as the rest of higher education and will enter 2011 expecting to receive approximately $26.8 millionin state revenue allocated by the University System. The $1.48 million reduction equates to about 3.2 percent reduction in our overall general operating budget,” she said.  A timely increase in federal Smith Lever revenue, increased buyout of faculty salaries on grants and recovery of overhead on grants and contracts will offset a portion of the state cut.

Extension will manage the reduction through continued application of a hiring freeze and 3.2 percent reductions in recurring funds passed down to major programs areas.

There is concern that before the year even begins the state will have to withhold some appropriated funds to offset revenue shortfalls. “We believe higher education will be spared a withholding,” Gibler said. “The governor is interested in maintaining his agreement with higher education to limit cuts to 5.2 percent in exchange for no increase in tuition in 2011.”

Thoughts are already turned to fiscal year 2012 as the states revenue situation has not improved.  It is still far too early to be certain what funding levels will look like for the next year, but we are keeping the forecast of state revenues firmly in mind as we take actions in the current year.

See for a historical perspective on extension budgets. The FY11 budgets will be posted at the same website when it is completed and summary reports are generated.


Award winners

Congratulations to Janice Perkins on being a finalist for the 2010 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award in the secretarial/clerical category.

“The endorsements submitted in your behalf reflect very positively on the quality of your work,” said Chancellor Brady Deaton. “I consider it a privilege to serve this fine institution along with people as highly recommended as you.”

Comments made about Janice on the nomination form:

"Janice's flexibility and positive outlook have been key to working with me for the past 11 years." "When Extension came to the Columbia campus, Janice was the person who was responsible for capturing the consolidation plan for the areas of diversity, recruitment and retention." "She was instrumental in strengthening the relationship with Lincoln University." "She always strives to improve her competencies in all areas." "Her sense of humor, flexibility and great strengths in organization and management make it a pleasure to work with her." "Her commitment and love of the university is evident in the way she does her job with innovation, energy and care.”

The May 15 Insider reported that Karisha Devlin, NE Region agriculture business specialist, was recognized as the NACAA north central regional finalist in the Learning Module communications category. Karisha wanted everyone to know that the Profit Focused Agriculture curriculum is part of a group project and that the following people also deserve recognition: Wayne Prewitt, Joe Koenen, Mary Sobba, Darla Campbell, Kevin Hansen, Gordon Carriker, Wesley Tucker and Melvin Brees.


Upcoming events

MU Bradford Farm field day highlights managing wildlife, native plants

“Integrating Beef, Bobwhites and Biofuels,” a June 17 field day at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research and Extension Center, will show how farmers can profitably manage livestock and grow biofuel crops while supporting wildlife and protecting soil and water.

The free event also will include basic and advanced workshops for farmers and landowners who want to make their land more hospitable to bobwhite quail. Wagon tours will cover such topics as landscaping with native plants, forage management with native cool-season grasses and implementing wildlife practices on the farm.

The emphasis on biofuels at this year’s field day reflects growing concern about the impact on wildlife as more farmers convert pastures and marginal land to biofuel crops such as switchgrass, said Tim Reinbott, superintendent of Bradford Farm.

For more information, see


Council to Campus Event, June 18-19

University of Missouri Extension Council members from across the state will be in Columbia for the Council to Campus Event, June 18-19. “This is an opportunity for the partnership between University of Missouri Extension and the University of Missouri County Extension Councils to forge new relationships,” said Beverly Coberly, director, off-campus operations.

“The Council to Campus Event will be an interaction with research and programs conducted on the MU Campus,” she added. “We have a great program lined up for our extension council partners.”

Electronic registration is available through Extension Regional Directors or directly through this website.


Galaxy Conference

Be sure to add Galaxy Conference to your long-range planning calendar. Galaxy Conference will take place Oct. 5-6 at the Windermere Conference Center in Roach, Mo. “We have an excellent conference planned with some great professional development opportunities going on,” said Joe Koenen, UMEA president. “I hope to see you there.”


Coming and going

Flatt returns from Thailand

Jenny Flatt, 4-H youth development specialist, recently returned from a special project in Thailand, where she provided camp counselor training in Loei Province and helped with a nonresidential camp in Samut Sakhon. Jenny is packing for another adventure—moving from Howell County to Cole County June 1.


Please welcome

Lee Miller, Ph.D., is our new extension turf grass pathologist, Division of Plant Sciences.

Robin Loehner, is our new 4-H youth development specialist, Gasconade County.



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