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April 1, 2013


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In the news

Finalists for MO SBTDC state director post to interview in April

Three finalists for the state directorship of Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers—part of MU Extension’s business development program—will be interviewed later this month on the MU campus, reports search committee chair Ina Linville, 4-H program director.

Finalists are Phil Halstead, CEO of West Virginia Regional Technology Park Corp. in South Charleston, W. Va.; Chris Bouchard, longtime BDP specialist and interim state director of MO SBTDC; and Emily Carter, director of entrepreneurship and business development at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

During their job interviews, each candidate will make public presentations and conduct Q&A sessions in Columbia. Sessions will be open to all and also available via Adobe Connect:

When selected, the new MO SBTDC state director would succeed Max Summers, who served in the post before becoming interim BDP director three years ago. The position will report to Steve Devlin, incoming BDP director, who starts April 8.

In addition to Linville, search committee members include Carmen DeHart, UMKC Innovation Center program director; Bud Hayes, member of the MO SBTDC Business Development Advisory Committee; Mary Paulsell, BDP communications director; Dave Schmidt, director of BRIDG, the BDP research office; Mark Stewart, EC regional director; Chris Thompson, business development specialist, Cole County; and Melinda Adams, MU Extension HR director.



Columbia-based BDP client to receive Chinese investment support

A long-time client of the MU Extension Business Development program last week announced agreements with Chinese venture capitalists and other funding sources to receive investment support.

Nanova Inc., a Columbia-based biomedical device firm founded seven years ago by MU mechanical engineering associate professor Hao Li, signed the agreements with the WuJin Economic Development District, Chinese venture capital firm SummitView Capital and other Chinese investors.

During the next three years, about $6 million from the investment package will go to Nanova’s research and development work, based in Columbia. Li’s firm will produce bioabsorbable bone screws and new dental health products based upon the company’s core nanomaterial technology.

 “We received multiple investment offers,” said Li during the March 26 announcement at MU. “We declined quite a few.” Li added that he and his partners were waiting for investors who could move the firm’s products to commercialization.

Jim Gann, director of technology business development with the MO SBTDC in the College of Engineering, has advised Li and since the business was founded in 2006. Gann and a team of MO SBTDC technology business development specialists including Denise Fields of the UMKC SBTDC and Bill Stuby of MO PTAC, helped the scientists with business planning and development. MO SBTDC and MO PTAC are part of MU Extension’s business development program.

Li estimated that Nanova, with MO SBTDC help, has already received $8 million in product research and development funding before consummating the current $6 million agreement.

For more information, go to, or call Mary Paulsell, BDP director of communications, at 573-882-1353 or



Local media connect you to the community; become known

A communications tip from Duane Dailey

Don't assume everyone in the region knows who you are, what you offer and where to reach you. You have to tell 'em, over and over. Every week, you must mark your turf. Local media offer you that outlet, free.

Every meeting, tour, demonstration and class deserves three stories. The first, way early, tells topic, time and place. Include an appealing reason to attend. A second story appears the week before with more details. Most neglected: the follow-up story…tell them what they missed.

Some specialists write a weekly column. Others use news stories. Your audience ranges far beyond that circle of people who read your newsletter or flier.

I read many weekly newspapers. And some, you won't believe, don't carry a single MU Extension story that week.

People forget you if you don't remind them. That means making time for writing. If you're too busy, you might be doing the wrong things.

There's talk that newspapers are dying. Not local print. It is vital to the community. The editor is busy and may not call you. Go forth with your good news.

Include the local radio station. Be a regular on community calendars and talk shows. Reach out, every week.



Take a quick quiz about MU Extension endowments

Cynthia Crawford, MU Extension director of donor education, encourages you to take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of MU Extension endowments. Answers may be found at the end of this edition of the Insider.

  1. The endowment pool of funds managed by MU grew by what percentage in 2012?  _______ percent.
  2. In order to be fully funded and have a spendable distribution each month, an Extension County Council must have a minimum of $______ in an endowment account. 
  3. If MU Extension were starting endowment accounts today under University management, the University would require $_______ in the accounts before money would be available for distribution.
  4. MU Endowment funds are invested ___________ (aggressively, randomly or conservatively).
  5. With the investment market performance in recent years, the management goal of University endowment funds was to preserve purchasing power. Recently, though, with a stronger performance by markets, the University has returned to the goal of _________ purchasing power.
  6. The University takes a conservative approach and has calculated that ______ percent of funds in an endowment account can be distributed per year (1/12 per month) and the corpus will be in place forever.

Interested in details?  Please contact Crawford or Cat Comley, MU Extension director of development.



Spirit Spark: Creating team synergy

by Beverly Maltsberger, community development specialist

I recently read a book and saw a video called Pulling Together by John Murphy, an expert in synergistic leadership.

In his book he addresses the important job of teamwork during good times as well as during challenging times. Here are Murphy’s tips for successfully moving forward as a team.

View a YouTube version of Murphy’s message. Kick back, turn on the speakers and give yourself a synergistic-inspiration break. 



Upcoming events

Fee-generation workshops set

Workshops have been scheduled to explain additional functions and updates to the Fee Generation Worksheet-Online Tool. Register through ISE for the following workshop dates:




2-3 p.m.


10-11 a.m.


2-3 p.m.


10-11 a.m.


2-3 p.m.


Other dates to remember

April 3: UM Almuni Alliance Legislative Day, Jefferson City. “In connection with the day, all faculty members attending Legislative Day are encouraged to participate in a mid-day ISE,” says Sandy Stegall.  “The theme this year is ASAP: Action for Sustainability and Progress.”  Registration is available at for both Legislative Day and the ISE. Deadline for registration is March 27.

Series of MU Extension retiree meetings set for April and May



Coming and going


Norman Lane, livestock specialist, Northeast Region effective March 6. 

Al Decker, livestock specialist, West Centeral Region effective June 1.




Keith Hurley, husband of Helen Hurley, Randolph County secretary, died March 23. Notes of sympathy may be sent to Helen at 325 East Logan, Moberly, MO 65270.

Connie Gibbs, husband of Pat Gibbs, Ralls County secretary, died March 25. Cards may be sent to Pat at 55588 Highway A, New London, MO 63459.

William Loyd, father to Karen Loyd-Minear, youth specialist in Knox County, died March 27. Cards may be sent to Karen and Bobby at P.O. Box 43, Edina, MO 63537.


Answers to MU Extension endowments quiz:  1. 13.7 percent, 2. $2,500, 3. $25,000, 4. conservatively, 5. growing, 6. 4.5 percent.


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