Diplodia and other corn rots rear ugly ears in parts of Missouri

Diplodia ear rot is a common corn disease that occurs when there is excessive moisture during and immediately after corn silking and a dry period. That is what much of Missouri experienced this season. Read more

Lawn and garden
Mum's not the word: Chrysanthemums shout with bold colors

Few flowers signal fall’s arrival more than the cheerful chrysanthemum, mum for short. Mums’ long-lasting blooms show off for weeks, long after other flowers have clocked out for the season. Read more

Natural resources
Stink bugs try to find warm home for the winter

An ounce of prevention is the best medicine for keeping stink bugs and other insect pests such as the multicolored Asian lady beetle at bay. Put screens over windows, doors and vents. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI receives new specialized mobile fire training simulator

The system is incorporated with a trailer to make training as accessible as possible. The institute offers 80 percent of its training in the field to meet career and volunteer fire service schedules and needs. Read more

Community and leadership
Arts can favorably impact local and regional economies

Join us for this two-day training, CDA Explores the Arts and Economic Development, to learn how culture can be an addition and diversification of traditional community and economic development practices. Read more

Nutrition and health
Pumpkin: jack-o'-lantern of all trades

While many people throughout the world use pumpkin as a staple in their diet, in the United States this colorful member of the gourd plant family is used primarily for decoration. Read more

Linda Jo Turner named '4-H Bridge Builder'

Lorene Trickey, right, wife of former Missouri 4-H Foundation trustee Nelson Trickey, and daughter Linda Trickey, left, present the Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Award to Jo Turner. Read more

Emergency management
Reduce your risk of injury or death from lightning

If you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder, then divide by five. This is the distance in miles the lightning is away. Any distance less than 10 miles puts you in danger. Seek shelter immediately. Read more

Families and relationships
Car seat safety

Car crashes kill more children 1 to 14 years old than any other cause, so adults need to know which child safety seats to use and how to install them correctly. Read more

Home and consumer life
MU Extension offers mobile energy education unit

The mobile unit gives homeowners and renters an opportunity to learn different ways they can make their home more efficient, comfortable and less expensive to heat or cool. Read more

Business and careers
BDP turns 50

One of Extension's crown jewels — MU Extension Business Development Program celebrates 50th anniversary. It's a very young and dynamic 50. See how it has changed. Read more

Can you dig it?

The first frost of fall is fast approaching, which means it's time to think about harvesting your sweet potatoes. Read more

Gunters adapt dairy farm until the cows come home

Webster County family defies dairy trends and expands. Read more

New report on controversial GMO food production

Most Americans are familiar with the term "genetically modified organisms," or GMOs. Many producers now label their products "GMO-free." Read more

Seminar gives details of leasing farmland, Nov. 1

Landowners and tenants can learn about Missouri land leasing laws at a Nov. 1 seminar. Read more

Save time and money: Mow leaves instead of bagging

Put your rake and bag away. Get out your mower and go to town. Read more

Minor bulbs make major impact in spring gardens

Minor bulbs, such as crocuses and snowdrops, are the first harbingers of spring. Their small flowers give us a sneak preview of what is to come and whet our appetites for showier tulips, narcissus and hyacinths. Read more

Bring 'worn out' gardens back to life with proper nutrients

Gardens do not wear out. They just need extra attention and proper nutrients when they fail to produce. Read more

Be aware of breast cancer

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Read more

Test your smoke alarms — It could save your life

Having a smoke alarm on every level of your home and in every bedroom is a must. Read more

Kaleidoscope of fall colors begins soon

Colors usually peak around the third weekend of October, but Mother Nature is a woman of mystery. Read more

Endowed fund for ag student journalists honors Duane Dailey

Friends of University of Missouri Extension and ag journalists have an opportunity to help fund travel for an agriculture journalism student. Read more

'City girl turned farmer' headlines Pearls of Production workshop

The hands-on workshop features sessions on small tractor maintenance, farm safety for women, and local marketing of farm products. Read more

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