MU Extension helps widow navigate farm ownership and improve life

Jan Golian began farm ownership as a widow with little knowledge, but she quickly found out she had much to learn about owning a farm. There were leases, fences, estate laws and other topics to learn. Read more

Lawn and garden
Recycling autumn leaves

One way to clear the lawn and recycle leaves is to mulch them into the turfgrass. On a dewy morning when the leaves are still damp, adjust your lawn mower to its highest setting and start mowing. Read more

Natural resources
Implementing quality deer management on your property

White-tailed deer are the most popular game species in Missouri, and the state’s deer population is estimated to be about 1.4 million. The success is a tribute to the science of wildlife management. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU Nursing Outreach helps RNs learn leadership skills

Loch Haven's clinical, administrative and support staff provide 24-hour care for residents. It's important that everyone is in tune and keeping tempo. Watch the video. Read more

Community and leadership
Bridging the gap between science and art

Cameron Christensen listens to the vibrations produced by a bug on a plant at the Summers @ Mizzou camp “The Arts as a Portal to Science Communication.” Credit: Caleb O’Brien, Bond Life Sciences Center Read more

Nutrition and health
Safeguard your Thanksgiving leftovers

A rule of thumb for food safety is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. That rule applies to Thanksgiving leftovers too. Before you succumb to the after-the-meal stupor, get those leftovers into the refrigerator. Read more

4-H camp counselor brings humor and compassion to job

Marissa Todd has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped the Marion County high school senior from getting involved in her 4-H club, holding office or becoming a 4-H camp counselor. Read more

Emergency management
Plumber, mechanic create prototype grain bin safety device

Kenneth Bassett, a 41-year employee of MU, learned that more than 70 percent of grain bin entrapments end in death. Many of the deaths are farm children. Read more

Families and relationships
Having a furry friend may enhance, extend human life

There are a number of explanations for exactly how pets offer health benefits. First of all, pets need walking, feeding, grooming, and encourage lots of playing and petting. Read more

Home and consumer life
Short supply means higher price for pumpkin this year

With pumpkin prices on the rise, smart consumers might want this Halloween fruit to do double duty. Don't squander this Halloween fruit for decoration only. Read more

Business and careers
Paradise Locker Meats is a carnivore’s paradise

The slow food and local food movements have greatly helped spread the word about Paradise’s humanely handled, no added hormone, antibiotic-free and local (if at all possible) meats. Read more

As beef prices fall, herd owners should check risk management

In spite of easing in calf prices, good prices can still be locked in. Read more

10 steps to protect your identity this holiday season

Identity theft can damage your finances, credit history and reputation. Read more

It's OK to go to bed angry

Going to sleep and readdressing the problem the next day when our minds are rested is better than staying up until the wee hours of the morning to fight. Read more

Happy relationships good for health

Research has shown that there are physical health benefits of healthy relationships and marriages. Read more

'Tis the season for scams

Take some time to consider your values. Whether we know it or not, our values play a big part in how we handle our money. Read more

MU Extension holds percolation test certification training, Dec. 11-12

This course is for individuals who want to obtain certification to conduct soil percolation tests for determining soil absorption qualities of sites being considered for installation of an on-site sewage system. Read more

Holiday food safety tips

If you're preparing a memorable holiday meal of your own, make food safety a priority so guests don't remember it for all the wrong reasons. Read more

Helpful hints on cooking turkey for Thanksgiving

Don't sweat the sides, because Thanksgiving is all about the bird. The turkey is the centerpiece, and delivering a succulent, perfectly browned bird can be a challenge. Read more

Don't wait too long to buy the Thanksgiving turkey

Avian influenza has wiped out millions of turkeys this year, leaving the industry scrambling to restock flocks. Watch the video. Read more

MU Extension program aims to strengthen Missouri families

Family specialist David Schramm hopes the Show Me Healthy Families and Relationships project will strengthen families of 2,000 low-income Missouri residents in 21 counties over the next five years. Read more

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