Community and leadership
MU collaborates with community on audio tour of historic Lexington

The public debut of the audio tour created through the Extension Community Arts Program takes place on Saturday, Sept. 27, in historic Lexington, Missouri, during the Apples, Arts and Antiques Festival. Read more

Sudden death syndrome appears in Missouri soybean fields

Fusarium virguliforme, a soil fungus, produces striking foliage symptoms, which first appear on upper leaves as scattered yellow blotches. Farmers scout fields thoroughly for SDS symptoms. Read more

Nutrition and health
New program helps small retailers offer healthy food

You don’t have transportation to the grocery store. You’re traveling. You need something quick and healthy to eat. But it’s not always easy to find healthy and affordable food. Read more

FilmFest 4-H gives youths a chance to show the world

Filmmakers from nine states gathered in St. Louis to learn advanced techniques from film industry professionals at the fourth annual FilmFest 4-H. The event helps youths ages 11 to 18 hone skills. Read more

Lawn and garden
Garden journal and calendar available from MU Extension

There are many steps to creating a beautiful, productive garden. Our new publication helps both beginning and experienced gardeners. Watch the video. Read more

Emergency management
Thunder and lightning

If you hear thunder, lightning is near. Just because it’s not raining, doesn’t mean you aren’t in danger. Most people are struck by lightning before or after the thunderstorm. Read more

Natural resources
Controlling cottontail rabbit damage

Some people enjoy seeing rabbits around their lawns, others wish to keep rabbits away to protect crops, gardens or landscaping. Even those who enjoy rabbits may need to control rabbit damage. Read more

Families and relationships
Boost early brain development

Scientists have discovered how early brain development and the parent-child relationship interact to create a foundation for future learning. Here are guidelines to help children build their brain power. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Teachers learn energy lessons to pass on to students

Montgomery County High School teacher Sara Johnson and Wellsville-Middletown High School agriculture teacher Samantha Foster tour the MU power plant during the Energy in the Classroom workshop. Read more

Home and consumer life
Save some green on gasoline this summer

The typical Missouri vehicle uses approximately 600 gallons of fuel and is driven more than 16,000 miles each year. The following tips can help you save some green on gasoline this summer and year-round. Read more

Business and careers
LMG Construction Services, LLC of Kansas City a success

Lisa Garney's CV reads like a superheroine's: Construction supervisor and jack-of-most trades, attorney, pilot, White House intern, London School of Economics graduate and more. Read more

Ergonomics among topics at Nov. 7 and 8 women in ag program

Women in agriculture will learn how to improve farm finances, raise livestock herd numbers and quality, and take better care of themselves. Read more

Power take-off devices can rip safety out of a farm

In the time it takes a person with average reaction time to hit the off button, a 540 rpm PTO can wrap the operator around the shaft. Read more

Navigating health insurance terminology: Copayment

The Affordable Care Act has made health insurance available to many Missourians for the first time. If you're new to health insurance, the unfamiliar terminology may seem daunting. Read more

Do you know your cholesterol numbers?

When you get the results of your cholesterol blood test you should know your total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Read more

Bumper crop exceeds storage

Extension offers farmers help and options to store and dry 2014's bumper corn crop. Read more

Ear and kernel rots of corn

Diplodia ear rot, Penicillium ear rot, Gibb ear rot and Aspergillus species are common problems year in and year out but the severity varies with weather conditions at pollination or close to harvest. Read more

Patience saves lives during harvest

The slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem, a reflective orange triangle bordered with red, is the cheapest safety device in the farm store. Read more

September gardening calendar

Autumn is a good time to add manure, compost or leaf mold to garden soils for increasing organic matter content. Find other chores to keep your garden in the best shape. Read more

Can your "Choice Salsa" safely

Now there is a tested, generic recipe that allows for creativity without giving up safety. Read more

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