Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Examining the future of MU Extension

A panel of past recipients of the C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship discuss extension's strengths, challenges and long-term goals for helping Missourians thrive. Watch the video. Read more

Community and leadership
Ghost stories rivet audiences, boost economies

His ghost stories are eye-popping, heart-stopping, white-knuckle, edge-of-the-seat thrilling. Larry Brown’s voice rises and plummets to tell the story of the Missouri jailbreaker ghost. Watch the video. Read more

AgrAbility program from MU helps farmers after injury

Chris Allen wanted out of the bed. He argued with hospital staff that he needed to go home to harvest crops, feed cattle and cut firewood to heat his farmhouse. Read more

Nutrition and health
Sweet potatoes are healthy and tasty

It’s that time of year when many people are harvesting their sweet potatoes. As you dig those tasty roots from the ground, it’s hard not to think of that special sweet potato casserole that is a fall favorite. Read more

A stitch in 4-H time

Jenny Doan joined 4-H and learned to sew and quilt. Decades later, in 2008, she and her husband and children stitched together Missouri Star Quilt Co. of Hamilton. Read more

Lawn and garden
Garden journal and calendar available from MU Extension

There are many steps to creating a beautiful, productive garden. Our new publication helps both beginning and experienced gardeners. Watch the video. Read more

Emergency management
Can the woolly bear caterpillar predict the weather?

The woolly bear caterpillar often called the “weather worm,” is said to predict what Old Man Winter has in store. Folklore says the narrower the reddish-brown band on the caterpillar, the more severe the winter. Read more

Natural resources
Controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation

Aquatic plants are important components of the ecosystem of a pond or lake. Aquatic vegetation provides food and cover for fish and beneficial invertebrates. Read more

Families and relationships
Boost early brain development

Scientists have discovered how early brain development and the parent-child relationship interact to create a foundation for future learning. Here are guidelines to help children build their brain power. Read more

Home and consumer life
A slice of advice on picking the perfect apple

Not to upset the apple cart, but not all apples are created equal for pie-making. It’s as American as apple pie to ponder which of the 7,500 varieties is the right pick for your fall dessert. Read more

Business and careers
LMG Construction Services, LLC of Kansas City a success

Lisa Garney's CV reads like a superheroine's: Construction supervisor and jack-of-most trades, attorney, pilot, White House intern, London School of Economics graduate and more. Read more

Know the basics when choosing a health insurance plan

Whether you get insurance through your work or buy it on your own, most people have some level of choice in the type of plan they have. Read more

How to hobgoblin safely

Halloween is full of scary images. But nothing is scarier than a child's safety being compromised. Read more

Prepare for illness

It's the time of year when we hear the familiar ring of "Get your flu shot!" throughout our communities. This year, the urgency seems to be magnified by the news regarding the deadly Ebola virus. Read more

Halloween candy is dandy, in moderation

Don't forbid or restrict candy entirely. Instead, teach children about moderation so that they don't learn to hoard candy or see it as a "forbidden fruit." Read more

First aid for leaky basements

These tips can help until the professionals arrive. Read more

Seed germination before harvest

The two primary requirements for soybean seed germination are temperatures above 50 degrees F and seed moisture percentages greater than 50 percent. Read more

Lower feed costs, less production lead to record livestock prices

Feeder cattle prices are setting records. With high prices at slaughter and corn dropping more than $2 per bushel, feeder cattle are more valuable. Read more

20 ways to scare up more business for Halloween

If you operate a small business, Halloween offers nearly unlimited opportunities to promote your business — and have a little fun at the same time. Read more

Veterans invited to Armed to Farm event, Oct. 24

Veterans interested in agriculture are invited to attend the Armed to Farm program at the Small Farmers Trade Show and Conference at Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards in Mexico, Missouri. The event runs Oct. 23-25. Read more

Understanding those bluegrasses

All bluegrasses can be identified by a boat-shaped leaf tip and folded vernation. Read more

Becoming more resilient

What are the secrets for people who are able to navigate through tough times and bounce back? Read more

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