AgrAbility program helps horse trainer begin ride of his life

Zane Volkmann always wanted to be a horse trainer. A serious accident weeks before his senior year of high school slowed his gait, but it didn’t throw him. Watch the video. Read more

Monroe County volunteers to be inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame

“The more the merrier. The bigger the better.” That’s the attitude Mike and Julann McLaughlin used to grow Monroe County 4-H’s horsemanship project for more than a quarter of a century. Read more

Lawn and garden
Mizzou Mobile Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab diagnoses on the go

The laboratory on wheels can respond to turf problems on golf courses and sports fields quickly and effectively. Lee Miller, turfgrass pathologist, examines a grass sample from a putting green. Watch the video. Read more

Emergency management
Thunder and lightning

If you hear thunder, lightning is near. Just because it’s not raining, doesn’t mean you aren’t in danger. Most people are struck by lightning before or after the thunderstorm. Read more

Nutrition and health
Eat a rainbow of food to get the best vitamins

Vegetable gardens, farmers markets and seasonal offerings from the local grocer provide nutrients for good health. Choose from a wide spectrum of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Read more

Natural resources
Controlling cottontail rabbit damage

Some people enjoy seeing rabbits around their lawns, others wish to keep rabbits away to protect crops, gardens or landscaping. Even those who enjoy rabbits may need to control rabbit damage. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU Summer Fire School covers more than firefighting

Water is the firefighter's traditional weapon of choice, but it can also be a deadly enemy. Accidents on the water can and do happen, as well as flooding emergencies. Watch the video. Read more

Families and relationships
Boost early brain development

Scientists have discovered how early brain development and the parent-child relationship interact to create a foundation for future learning. Here are guidelines to help children build their brain power. Read more

Home and consumer life
Save some green on gasoline this summer

The typical Missouri vehicle uses approximately 600 gallons of fuel and is driven more than 16,000 miles each year. The following tips can help you save some green on gasoline this summer and year-round. Read more

Community and leadership
Boots on the Green supports military families

After Bobby Hutchinson lost his left leg in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, he thought he'd never play golf again. Then he heard about Boots on the Green. Watch the video. Read more

Business and careers
Pinckney Bend Distillery of New Haven a success

The distillery produces a double gold-winning rested American whiskey, two-time gold-winning gin, gold-winning three-grain vodka, gold-winning clear and unaged corn whiskey. Read more

Grasshopper numbers growing in Missouri

Farmers should scout and, if needed, spray for grasshoppers. Read more

Scout for striped blister beetles

Toxins are deadly to horses. Read more

Drones draw interest to crop scouting and other new farm uses

Remote sensors can play a big part of farming in the future. Those sensors can be on a 10-foot pole or a satellite 250 miles out in space. Read more

New weather station in Lawrence County

Missouri's newest of 21 automated real-time weather stations recently went online at the Southwest Research Center, near Mount Vernon in Lawrence County. Read more

Entrepreneur helps organize 4-H Build-a-Business Camp

Youth ages 12-18 hear from successful young entrepreneurs and then develop their own business ideas and try to "pitch" or sell them to professionals at the end of the camp. Read more

World hunger group to attend Aug. 2 safety expo

Representatives of the Food Resource Bank will attend the first Combine Blessing and Safety Expo at the Central Missouri Events Center, formerly known as the Boone County Fairgrounds, in Columbia. Read more

Making safe homemade ice cream

At one time uncooked eggs were used to make ice cream, but now we know in order to reduce the risk of Salmonella poisoning, a custard-based recipe, an eggless recipe or a recipe using an egg substitute should be used. Read more

Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

Selecting breeding animals on how they look, by phenotype, worked for centuries. Progress in improving cattle was made just on appearance. Read more

Keeping hands clean for summer eating

If hand washing is not possible (no running water, soap, etc.), what is the next best option for cleaning hands before eating or handling food? Read more

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