Volunteer Code of Conduct Form

The following forms are to be used in conjunction with University of Missouri (MU) Extension volunteer programs. First and foremost, is the MU Extension Volunteer Code of Conduct (PDF, revised 1/31/18), also available as an Online Volunteer Code of ConductSteps for Code of Conduct implementation will be determined by each extension program director (PD), continuing education director (CED) or vice provost as needed, within each respective program, continuing education or administrative area. To learn more about volunteer conduct, watch the MU Extension Volunteer Policy Explained video at http://extension.missouri.edu/hr/volunteers.aspx 

Additional Volunteer Management Forms

I - Identification of Needs and Volunteer Roles

Have you identified your personal volunteer philosophy? Have you identified specific program needs?
Knowing the answers to these questions is essential in helping you develop specific volunteer position descriptions needed for recruitment.

S - Selection forms

Remember, staff's final volunteer selections should be well-informed and carefully considered. It should not be based simply on whether or not someone passes a background check or completely fills in a form.

Although not required in University of Missouri Extension programs, many solid volunteer systems also include an interview process.

Downloadable resources:


O and T - Orientation and Training
See resources at https://extension.missouri.edu/hr/volunteers.aspx 

U- Utilization forms

This part of the ISOTURE model is where the "doing" takes place. With staff and peer volunteer support, volunteers add great value to Extension programs. Supporting volunteers in their roles helps them utilize their skills and interests in meeting our program needs. 

Your support of volunteers will frequently involve coaching and facilitating a variety of interpersonal relationships. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in this part of the ISOTURE model. There are resources to help you be successful. Talk with more experienced volunteer managers, seek help from your state  staff and review these downloadable resources:

R - Recognition forms

Volunteer recognition can be one of the most satisfying parts of a staff member's job. Extending gratitude through formal and informal recognition activities should be done year round. National Volunteer Week is also another great time to recognize Extension volunteers.

E - Evaluation forms