For faculty and staff

Additional benefits available to non-benefit eligible employees

In addition to statutory benefits, non-benefit eligible employees of MU Extension may be eligible to participate in specific benefit programs.

PPACA eligibility for medical insurance

Under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), some employees of the University of Missouri who would not otherwise be eligible for benefits may be eligible for medical insurance only. This generally applies to part-time, variable hour employees who average 30 hours of employment during a measurement period established by the University in compliance with regulations promulgated under the PPACA. Different rules apply to variable hour staff employees, student employees and adjunct faculty members. If an employee is eligible for medical insurance under the PPACA, the employee will be notified by the UM System. For more information about eligibility for medical insurance only under the PPACA, see the UM System medical insurance eligibility benefits page.

Voluntary retirement plans

Non-benefit eligible employees are able to participate in the Voluntary Retirement Plans managed by the University of Missouri System. For information about participation in these plans, visit the UM System core and voluntary plans page.