HR Training Presentation:
Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors

Course ID: ExtHR 250

As a supervisor of university employees, specific laws and policies impact your job. This workshop will give the participant an overview of those laws and policies, plus resources on where to find more in-depth information.


  • Become familiar with Equal Employment Opportunity issues regarding:
    - Applicant screening
    - Applicant references
    - Background screening
  • Gain an overview of:
    - Family Medical Leave Act
    - Sexual Harassment
    - Fair Labor Standards Act
    - Retaliation
    - Immigration Reform & Control Act
    - Americans with Disabilities Act
    - Equal Pay Act

Evaluation method:
Survey attendees for impact on supervisory role two - four weeks after the training.

Expectation for participants:
Participants will attend and participate in activities and discussions in the session. After the session, they will apply Legal Responsibilities knowledge to their work environment and supervisory role.

Target audience: All MU Extension employees

Instructional length: 2 hours

Facilitator(s): Megan Martin, Training/Development Coordinator, Human Resources, MU Extension; and Melinda Adams, Manager, Human Resources, MU Extension

Date(s): Presented upon request to groups of 10 or more

Delivery mode: Face to face, PowerPoint presentation, work sheets

Location: Presented at the location of the groups request

Max enrollment: 35 (if enrollment needs to be more, discuss with presenter)