Additional steps for hiring student employees

The procedures for hiring part-time employees will generally apply to the employment of graduate and undergraduate student employees of MU Extension. However, additional steps will be necessary.

1. Employment of graduate assistants

MU Extension programming units may benefit from the employment of Graduate Assistants. Employment of graduate assistants should supplement the academic pursuits of the student. Non-degree Granting Programs (NDGPs) of the University should work in concert with graduate degree granting departments to develop assistantships that meet the needs of the programming unit and the academic pursuits of the graduate student.

Non-degree granting programs may qualify for support under the Graduate Student Support Program. Specifically, approved assistantships may be eligible for tuition waivers for graduate students hired to fill approved Graduate Assistant positions. Generally, Graduate Assistantships that qualify for the Graduate Student Support Program must be filled on a .50 FTE basis. Key steps that should be followed in creating and filling a Graduate Assistant position are as follows:

  1. Identify academic departments through which recruitment of graduate assistants would be beneficial to the academic department, the MU Extension programming unit and potential graduate assistants.
  2. Develop a position description for the Graduate Assistant position that articulates the specific duties that will be performed.
  3. Submit a complete “Justification for GSSP Fee Waiver for Non-Degree Granting Program (NDGP)” to Mizzou Graduate School. To support the justification, the program unit must provide (1) a position description, identifying the specific duties to be performed, and (2) a statement of benefits to the Graduate Assistant, specifically indicating how the work to be performed will supplement the academic pursuits of the student. The justification form is available at
    1. Graduate student statement of employment letter
  4. Once approved, recruitment of candidates for the Graduate Assistant position may begin. This should be coordinated with the cooperating academic units.
  5. A “Determination of Eligibility (GSSP)” form must be completed for the graduate student hired by an approved NDGP. The Director of Graduate Studies in the graduate student’s academic home department will need to sign the GSSP to certify that the student is making satisfactory progress and is performing their duties as explained in the position description. A copy of the completed and approved NDGP form needs to be attached to the completed GSSP for each student.
  6. The “Justification for GSSP Fee Waiver for Non-Degree Granting Program (NDGP)” must be renewed on a yearly basis.

For more information, see HR-204: Graduate and undergraduate student titles.

2. Employment of undergraduate students

An employee that is enrolled as a student at the University of Missouri and whose primary association with the university is related to the pursuit of an academic program will be considered a student employee.

  • Student employees should not be scheduled to work more than an average of 28 hours per week across all concurrent university jobs during the measurement period. The measurement period is determined by the university to comply with regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Student employees should be placed in a position with a student title, as described in HR-204: Graduate and undergraduate student titles.

MU Extension units may also benefit from employment of students as part of the federal work-study program.

  • Compensation for work study students is subsidized by the federal work study program. Work-study opportunities apply only to students who qualify for work study as part of their financial aid package with the University.
  • A unit seeking to employ work study students should contact the MU Career Center and Hire Mizzou Tigers.
  • Work study Q & A (DOC)
  • MU Work Study website

3. Use of consulting agreement

In some circumstances, individuals may perform services for MU Extension under a consulting agreement rather than through an employment relationship.

  1. To determine whether a consulting agreement is an appropriate method for determining the terms and conditions under which services are to be performed, the contracting unit should complete an “Independent Contractor Checklist” form, available through the MU Business Services website at
  2. If a consulting agreement is appropriate, two copies of the agreement should be prepared and forwarded to MU Business Services. If at all possible, a standard form of the consulting agreement should be used. The standard form consulting agreement contract can be obtained at
  3. If the contractor is an individual (rather than a business entity) the “Independent Contractor Checklist” must be submitted with the contract.
  4. If the individual is also an employee of the University of Missouri, the individual must comply with the Conflict of Interest and Public Disclosure requirements of the University, as required under CR 330.015 Policy on Conflict of Interest and outlined in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Section 1:140 and Section 1:141.

4. Courtesy appointments

Occasionally, it is in the interest of MU Extension and its units to extend certain access to University of Missouri resources to individuals that are not employees of MU Extension. A courtesy appointment may be used to grant non-employees limited access to certain systems, such as web applications, email, business portals and shared drives.

  1. An extension employee seeking to grant a courtesy appointment (the sponsoring Extension employee) should initiate the process through use of the Courtesy Appointment Portal.
  2. The individual who is to be granted the courtesy appointment will be required to provide personal information to complete the Courtesy Appointment Request (CAR).
  3. Once the personal information is entered in the CAR, the request will be reviewed and processed by MU Extension HR.