Hiring procedures for academic positions


Below are the hiring procedures for academic positions through the timing of the process. To view more information for each category, click on the key to open and access the details.

For questions concerning the hiring procedures, contact Extension HR at hrdext@missouri.edu.

1. Steps that must be completed prior to posting the position.

  • Assess the need for the position.

  • Create or revise position description.

  • Select the search committee.

  • Complete and submit hiring form.

    • For NTT-eligible positions, use Hiring Request Form and check the 2015 Guidelines (PDF).

    • For other academic positions, use Hiring Request Form.

    • For tenure-eligible positions and NTT positions in a school or college, coordinate with representatives of the appropriate school or college.
    • Submit hiring form with job description to Billie Wilson.
    • Approvals must be obtained from the MU Extension budget director, associate vice-chancellor and vice chancellor. Final approval is obtained from Provost’s office.

2. Posting the position — recruitment.

  • Initial communication with candidates

    • Acknowledge receipt of application. (Automatic through eRecruit.)

3. Review applications — screening of candidates.

  • Application Material Review (AMR).

    • The search committee should conduct an Application Material Review (AMR) after the minimum posting period. The search committee chair should handle this step, and contact Billie Wilson for assistance.

    • Academic qualifications must be reviewed by the PD to determine if candidates being considered for an interview meet the expectations of a faculty member, including subject-matter expertise.

    • Candidates who pass the minimum qualifications as stated on the job description may be considered for an interview.

    • Additional criteria may be evaluated based on the preferred qualifications.

    • Hiring approval process (PDF)

  • Select candidates to be interviewed.

    • The search committee chooses candidates to interview.
  • Schedule interviews.

    • The search committee chair should schedule the interviews.
  • Communications with candidates.

    • The search committee chair maintains communication for candidates.

      • Determine availability and interest of candidates selected for interviews.

    • Human resources informs unsuccessful candidates of application status.

  • Update extension HR.

    • Information concerning candidate selection will be needed to update eRecruit. Send information to Billie Wilson.

4. Interviews

  • Determine the scope of the interviews.

  • Arrange interview logistics.

    • The search committee chair should arrange rooms, schedules, meals, equipment, etc.
    • Determine need and arrangement for involvement of stakeholders and internal groups.
  • Invite candidates to the interview.

    • The search committee chair arranges the interview. Call first and follow up with email.
  • Conduct reference checks.

    • At least 2 to 3 reference checks should be conducted for all candidates invited to interview.

    • The hiring supervisor should maintain copies of reference checks to review with search committee.

    • Reference check HRD form #2 (DOC)

  • Conduct interviews.

    • The search committee conducts interviews.
    • Maintain documentation of questions asked and answers received.
    • Due to the criminal background check policy, it is advisable that candidates be informed of the following: “The University of Missouri processes national criminal background checks (CBCs) including guilty pleas, criminal convictions, and Sex Offender Registries." For more, see HR-504 Background Checks and Criminal Convictions.
  • For NTT-eligible positions

    • NTT discussion should occur to determine recommendations for hiring with non-tenure track rank. A CV must be a part of the application materials.
  • Complete candidate "interview summary."

    • NTT discussion should occur to determine recommendations for hiring with non-tenure track rank. A CV must be a part of the application materials.
    • Interview HRD form #3 (DOC)
  • Communication with candidates.

    • The search committee chair maintains communication with candidates.
    • Candidates who are no longer being considered for the position should be contacted as soon as possible, while keeping in mind those candidates who may be called to interview if the position remains vacant.
    • Extension HR can send email communications through eRecruit notifying candidates of the status of the position, if appropriate or desired. For questions about this process, contact Billie Wilson.
    • Interview sample letter (DOC)

5. Selection of the successful candidate.

  • Select candidate to employ.

    • Determine availability and interest of the final candidate selected for employment.
    • If the successful candidate is a potential International Hire, additional steps are required. For more information about this process, contact Tamra Robbins.
  • NTT approval at time of hire.

    • If a CV is submitted with the application:

      • Search Committee decides whether to recommend appointment with rank;

      • NTT Committee decides whether to recommend;

      • MU Extension vice chancellor decides whether to recommend;

      • Salary offer and NTT recommendations are sent to Provost’s office for final approval.

    • Billie Wilson routes all recommendations.
  • Offer approval.

  • Obtain department approval from program director.

    • Department approval may be needed prior to obtaining campus or Extension administration approval.

  • Obtain extension and campus approval.

  • For regional academic positions

  • Obtain approved offer letter.

    • Once extension and MU Campus approvals have been received, extension HR will email the supervisor an approved offer letter to provide to the candidate. Contact Billie Wilson for assistance.
  • Offer letter transmitted to successful candidate.

    • The search committee chair send letter to the chosen candidate.
  • Criminal background check conducted.

    • As soon as the candidate has accepted the position, inform HR so that the criminal background check may be conducted.
    • The hiring supervisor will be informed by email from Billie Wilson when the CBC has been completed.
  • Determine start date.

    • Start dates may vary depending on the situation. However, in no circumstance may an employee begin before hire approval has been received, a criminal background check has been completed, and the new employee paperwork has been processed.
    • If the employee is new to the University of Missouri then the employee’s first day of employment may be contingent on payroll deadlines, orientation and training schedules.
  • Form 54

    • Process a Form 54 (Personnel Action Form). For assistance with the form, contact Diane Dews.
  • Records management

6. Additional steps required for an international hire.

Applicable to “International employee who will perform services in a specialty occupation that requires “theoretical & practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge, and attainment of a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specific specialty.” For questions on hiring internationally, contact Tamra Robbins.

  • Preliminary offer

    • If an applicant indicates on their application that they are not eligible to work in the United States, they can be considered for international hire. If after interviewing the candidate and making a decision to extend an offer, the following steps are required:
      • Hiring supervisor makes a preliminary offer to applicant, letting them know that hire is subject to H1-B approval. H1-B is a non-immigrant visa, allowing for temporary employment for up to 3 years, and may be requested for an additional 3 years.Diane Dews works with MU International Center to process H1-B application.
        • A processing fee will be required, to be paid by the hiring unit

          • Initial processing, which takes 1-3 months;

          • Approval processing, which takes an additional 1-6 months.

          • Processing time can take up to 9 months for processing and approval.
          • For the current processing fee rate, contact Diane Dews.
        • Hiring unit may request expedited approval processing, to shorten the 1-6 month approval processing time to 2-3 weeks. An additional fee is required.

      • Once H1-B approval is obtained, applicant may begin employment. If hiring unit wants to continue employment for international hire after the initial H1-B period (3 year increment), the unit must begin a new H1-B process (with the same costs to the hiring unit) near the end of the initial H1-B term (3 year increment) for a total of 6 years.

      • If international hire desires to work longer than 6 years, they must begin the process for permanent residency. The employee pays the majority of the cost for permanent residency application.

        • Employment-based permanent residence applications where MU is the sponsor must be filed by an attorney authorized to represent the university.

        • Contact Diane Dews for more information.