Hiring procedures

Major steps that must be completed to hire a new employee.

Determine the nature of the position being filled.

Academic vs. Staff positions

Academic/faculty positions include teaching and research positions; positions with an Identified Occupational Code (OCC) between 20 and 29; employed on contract (i.e., through 8/31).

Staff positions include Administrative, Service and Support positions (non-faculty positions), such as office, fiscal, grant and administrative positions; program assistants/associates; continuing education coordinators, information technology positions; executive/professional positions; and other non-faculty positions.

Staff positions may be either exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. To determine whether a new position is exempt or non-exempt, contact Makele Ndessokia. The determination of status is made by UM System HR, based on a Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ).

NTT Eligible and Tenure Track Faculty positions

Extension academic appointments may be eligible for appointment at a ranked Non-Tenure Track (NTT) position. To determine whether a position is eligible for ranked, NTT status, see the guidelines located on the Non-Tenure Track promotion page.

On-campus NTT Eligible and Tenure Track Positions in a School or College are generally processed through the appropriate School or College.

Temporary vs. Regular positions

Regular/benefit eligible positions are those positions in which the employee is expected to work at least 75% with an indicated appointment duration of at least nine months.

Temporary positions are non-benefit eligible positions that meet one of the following criteria:

a. Part-time/non-exempt: Non-exempt position that is less than 75% FTE.

b. Temporary/Non-exempt: Non-exempt position that is expected to work less than 1500 hours from September 1 through August 31.

c. Part-time/Exempt: Exempt position that is less than 75% FTE.

d. Temporary/Exempt: Exempt position that is less than a six month appointment.

Courtesy appointments

Courtesy appointments are required for individuals associated with, but not employed by, University of Missouri Extension and who need access to Outlook, share drives, business portal and Web applications. County office support staff (i.e., secretaries, bookkeepers, etc.), some volunteers, VISTA members, etc. are part of this group. The Courtesy Appointment Portal (CARREQ) was created to obtain the information needed to process these appointments.

Only individuals with a university pawprint and password may access the Courtesy Appointment Portal. The new individual's supervisor (or designee) should enter the required information.

Because of the time involved in establishing a Courtesy Appointment (including obtaining the requested computer access), we strongly recommend the supervisors enter the data as soon as possible. If possible, the information should be entered prior to the individual’s actual start date.

Employees/supervisors will access the CARREQ portal at https://extweb.missouri.edu/CARREQ/, and select Request CAR to begin the process for new associates. When the connect screen appears, type the domain name (um-users) with your pawprint, then your password. For instance, Bert Jones might enter:

User name:   um-users\jonesb
Password:     bj*130*bbc&43

Hiring freeze restrictions

The University of Missouri hiring and reclassification freeze indicates that positions funded with general operating funds require additional approval before positions can be created, reclassified or posted.