HR training presentation:
Generational Differences – Its Importance in Work Relationships

Course ID: ExtHR - 230

With four different generations in the workforce today, it is important to be aware of the perspectives of different generations. Because of different shared events during their impressionable years, generations will have work styles, communication styles, goals, outlooks and ways of managing money, schedules and self-development inherent only to their group. These differences in each generation may cause friction when a person from one generation has to work alongside a person from another generation. Accusations of “they don’t have a good work ethic”, and “I wish he would quit lecturing me” abound. During this session, the differences are explored and become more understandable.

Become aware of the four generations, their shared historical events and how these events affect their outlook.

Learn to work within those differences and apply certain work and communication techniques that will improve work relationships.

Evaluation method:
Survey attendees for impact on work relationships two weeks after the training.

Expectation for participants:
Participants will attend and participate in activities and discussions in the session. After the session, they will apply Generational Differences knowledge to their work relationships.

Target audience: All MU Extension employees

Instructional length: 2 hours

Facilitator(s): Megan Martin, Training/Development Coordinator, Human Resources, MU Extension

Date(s): Presented upon request to groups of 10 or more

Delivery mode: Face to face, worksheets

Location: Presented at the location of the groups request

Max enrollment: 35 (if enrollment needs to be more, discuss with presenter)