HR training presentation:
Customer Service (or in Other Words, Effective Professional Relationships)

Course ID:  ExtHR - 291

Utilizing information from the book: "The Kindness Revolution - the Company-Wide Culture Shift that Inspires Phenomenal Customer Service," by Ed Horrell, learn steps toward improving customer service, and at the same time, improve the internal work environment.

The following competencies will be addressed:

  • Marketing and communciation
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism

Instructional length:  2 hours

Facilitator(s):  Megan Martin, Training/Development Coordinator, Human Resources, MU Extension

Date(s):  Presented upon request to groups of 10 or more

Delivery mode:  Face to face

Location:  Presented at the location of the groups request

Max enrollment:  35 (if enrollment needs to be more, discuss with presenter)