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4-H clubs in Douglas Co.

Ava 4-H Club (Ava)
Club leader: Bonnee Stafford, bstafford@avabears.net

Skyline 4-H Club (Skyline Elemantry School)
Club leader:  Jana Brixey, brixeyjanak@gmail.com

Up'n At't 4-H Club (Mountain Grove)
Club leader: Missey Rogers

4-H clubs in Howell Co.

Backwoods 4-H Club (Pomona)
Club leader:  Amanda Osborn, osborna@wspgs.com

Glenwood 4-H Club (West Plains Area) 
Club leaders: Ray Marchant and Marietta Marchant, rranch05@centurytel.net

Rockin Ranchers 4-H Club (Willow Springs)
Club leader: Juli Oravec, oravecfarmz@gmail.com

Shooting Sports (Multiple Locations depending on discipline)

4-H clubs in Ozark Co.

Dora 4-H Club (Dora)
Club leader:  Paula Bodenhamer, pbodenhamer@dora.org

To join a club or get more information about 4-H programs in Doulgas, Howell, or Ozark Counties, contact Dr. Greg Carter, Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist, at carterga@missouri.edu or 417-256-2391. For additional support in Douglas, please contact Don Pinckney, Douglas Co. 4-H Youth Development Assistant, at PinckneyD@missouri.edu or 417-683-4409. 


Member enrollment

We are excited to announce Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development is transitioning enrollment to Missouri 4HOnline.  Please log on at mo.4honline.com.  A link to the detailed, step-by-step instructions  is included on the login screen, but we think you will find the system very easy to navigate. State dues for Missouri 4-H are $20 with the additional $5 for Howell County. Until dues have ben paid, in full, the members enrollment status will remain in pending. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email/call Greg Carter at carterga@missouri.edu or 417.256.2391. **Please be understanding, as local faculty and staff are still learning the system,  just like YOU! .**


Volunteer enrollment

How would you like to inspire youth in your community? Do you have a skill or talent you would like to share or do you just want to give back to your community? We are always looking for caring adults to help the Howell County 4-H program to continue to grow.

To get started we need you to fill out a LG636, Missouri 4-H Volunteer Application Form (PDF fillable) and LG637, Volunteer Services Confidentiality Statement (PDF). These form may be turned into a club leader or the Howell County Extension Center.

You will also enroll on the Missouri 4HOnline website HERE. There is no cost for Volunteers to enroll.

The next step is to complete a one-time orientation by one of the following methods: