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4-H clubs in Howell Co.

Backwoods 4-H Club (Pomona)
Club leader:  Amanda Osborn, osborna@wspgs.com

Rockin Ranchers 4-H Club (Willow Springs)
Club leader: Michelle & Jamie Kurtz, walkingml@gmail.com

Lucky Clover Valley 4-H (West Plains Area)
Club leader:  Jamie Dixon, 

Shooting Sports (Multiple Locations depending on discipline)


4-H clubs in Ozark Co.

Dora 4-H Club (Dora)
Club leader:  Paula Bodenhamer, pbodenhamer@dora.org


4-H clubs in Douglas Co.

Skyline 4-H Club (Skyline Elemantry School)
Club leader:  Jana Brixey, brixeyjanak@gmail.com


To join a club or get more information about 4-H programs in Doulgas, Howell, or Ozark Counties, contact Dr. Krista Tate, Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist, at tatekr@missouri.edu or 417-256-2391. 


Member enrollment - Enrollment begins October 1

We are excited to announce Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development is transitioning enrollment to Missouri 4HOnline.  Please log on at mo.4honline.com.  A link to the detailed, step-by-step instructions  is included on the login screen, but we think you will find the system very easy to navigate. State dues for Missouri 4-H are $20 with the additional $5 for Howell County. Until dues have ben paid, in full, the members enrollment status will remain in pending. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email/call Dr. Krista Tate at tatekr@missouri.edu or 417.256.2391. **Please be understanding, as local faculty and staff are still learning the system,  just like YOU! .**



Volunteer enrollment

2016 Volunteer application process

Are you curious about volunteering for 4-H? We hope so! Missouri 4-H volunteers help youths ages 5-18 feel safe and supported to learn and lead. 

There are four steps in the application process: A-B-C-D

A — Ask

Talk to your county MU Extension 4-H youth staff about 4-H program needs and volunteer roles.

B — Background check

Applicants fill out a volunteer form, LG639   and also a confidentiality agreement HERE  PLEASE mail completed forms to the Howell County Extension Office, 1376 Bill Virdon Blvd. West Plains, MO  65775

All volunteer applicants are screened annually for child abuse and neglect as well as national criminal charges.

Annual screenings are done prior to a volunteer's individual work with any youth. The state 4-H office sends a screening postcard to volunteer applicants once the annual check is done. Your unique customer ID will be listed on the front of the approval postcard. Keep the postcard if you plan on doing the orientation online.

C — Complete the one time volunteer orientation

We believe that in-person trainings are the best! If you cannot attend an in-person training, there are two options.

  • Online (done in one sitting and typically takes 15-30 minutes)
  • Print (downloadable PDF files)

Your orientation is documented by completion of a brief Feedback Form. 

Note: You will need to enter the Customer ID number that was listed on the front of your screening approval postcard.

D — Document

Set up your full contact and health information and desired volunteer role by setting up your adult member profile in the new 4HOnline enrollment system. County staff will review and give final approvals for volunteer service, based on the best match between 4-H volunteer applicants and current program needs.

Enroll at http://mo.4honline.com

Please send 4HOnline comments or questions to 4hyouth@missouri.edu and 4-H volunteer questions to gillespiet@missouri.edu. Make sure to include your name, county and contact information.

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4-H volunteer training