Farm Tour

Howard County Extension offers a local Farm Tour each year (usually in August) in different areas of the county. Featured farms and the focus for the tours are chosen by an extension council committee. At the end of the tour, the participating county residents meet for dinner at a location near the Farm Tour's location.

Upcoming 2015 Farm Tour

2013 Farm Tour

The 2013 Farm Tour visited Monning Industries and MFA Agri Services in Glasgow, MO. First stop; Monning Industries where citizens learned aboutt the galvanizing process the history and some practices of Monning Industries.  From there they went to MFA Agri Services where they learned about their Precision Advantage Program which incresases crop production and reduces costs of production.

Pictured from left to right Jason Monning, Wendy Rapp and State Senator David Pearce

Pictured above is Brad Hemeyer the Crop Consultant for MFA Agri Services

Previous Farm Tour information

1994-2013 Farm Tour Information (PDF)