Missouri hay resources

Hay Buyers Beware — Red imported fire ants are a threat to arrive in Missouri due to recent drought. Red Imported Fire Ants (PDF)

Missouri Department of Agriculture Hay Directory — Find hay locations and search by county, hay type or bale type

Agebb Hay Market Listing — Missouri Department of Agriculture and MU Extension's Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board of articles and database searches for valuable hay market information

Missouri Hay Market Report — Missouri's weekly hay summary

Minimizing Losses In Hay Storage and Feeding by Mississippi State Extension: http://msucares.com/livestock/beef/minhaylosses.pdf

MU Extension publication G4570, Reducing Losses when Feeding Hay to Beef Cattle

Hay calculator — What you need to know to get through the winter.

Instruction sheet (PDF) — Directions for using the excel speadsheet calculator.

Hay Calculator for Livestock Producers (XLS) — Producers input their information in the spreadsheet, and the calculator will help assess hay needs.

Hay Ring Waste Calculator — This tool will help producers see the differences in hay waste by using different hay feeders in your operation.

Fly control information producers can use during the summer


How to build a walk through fly trap for cattle


How to control horse flies on cattle


Horn fly trap blueprint


Rates for Missouri farms

MU Extension publication G302, 2016 Custom Rates for Farm Services in Missouri (most current version)

MU Extension publication G427, 2015 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri (most current version)

The MU IPM program also provides current news articles and resources for integrated pest management at http://ipm.missouri.edu/ipcm/.

Soil and hay probes

The Howard County Extension Center offers soil and hay probes free of charge. Contact our office today to reserve these items.