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This training was recorded on July 13, 2016 for Regional Contacts working with the WorkWell MO Toolkit Pilot Project. The recordings (on Adobe Connect) are best watched in order, as listed below, because they build on each other and may refer to material in previous sections. All of the handouts shared in these presentations can also be found under "Training Materials" below.

  • Workplace Well-being: Missouri and Nationally: This sections describes the importance of workplace wellness, how to make the business case for adding workplace wellness, and data from those who have done it.
  • WorkWell Toolkit Overview: This section walks the user through each step of the Toolkit and provides a general overview of the Pilot Project.
  • Effective Strategies for Success: This section describes common strategies to assist businesses implementing workplace wellness.
  • Participant Activity: This activity gives the participant practice with prioritizing and choosing workplace wellness initiatives.
  • Next Steps: This section gives an overview of the Pilot Project expectations and suggested next steps.

Regional Contacts Training Materials


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