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Taking Care of You

Description: Taking Care of You (TCY) is a 4-session stress management program for adults.

Map/schedule: extension.missouri.edu/takingcare/findprogram.htm

Curriculum/program overview: The Taking Care of You program was developed to help participants reduce stress levels and improve lifestyle behaviors. Over the eight program sessions, participants learn about concepts and practical strategies they can incorporate into their everyday lives to better deal with life’s challenges and stressors through discussions, mini-lectures and experiential opportunities. Program participants are provided opportunities to practice strategies during the program sessions and are encouraged to use program strategies outside of class.

Taking Care of You is based on concepts and strategies from the evidenced-based group program Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn of University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, as well as research-based concepts and strategies from the field of positive psychology.

Contact person: Candy Gabel

Evaluation tool: extension.missouri.edu/hes/evaluation/takingcare/

Sample report: Taking Care of You Annual Report Template

Suggested fee range: $25-40; $5 State Base Fee

Program website: extension.missouri.edu/takingcare/

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