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Stay Strong, Stay Healthy–Level 2

Description: Stay Strong, Stay Healthy–Level 2 is a follow-up to the Stay Strong, Stay Healthy program.

Curriculum/program overview: The SSSH–Level 2 program was developed in 2009 by a team of MU Extension Specialists to meet the increasing need for a follow-up program to the 8-week SSSH program.

The goal of the SSSH–Level 2 program is to expand the fitness base acquired from SSSH by adding new and more challenging exercises. SSSH–Level 2 is designed to challenge older adults in new and different ways, to help avoid staleness and plateaus, and to improve daily living activities. This 8-week program features exercises using resistance from body weight, hand weights and ankle weights. It also features balance exercises, core exercises, low back exercises and flexibility exercises.

Contact person: Kelsey Weitzel, Susan Mills-Gray & Steve Ball

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Sample report: SSSH–Level 2 Program Impact Template

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