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Farm to School Initiatives

Description: From Our Farms curriculum for children 3-8. Promotes consumption of more fruits, vegetables, dairy and understanding of where our foods come from.

Curriculum/program overview: Farm to School may be known as farm-to-fork, farm-to-table, farm-to-institution, or many other names. The goal of Farm to School, though, is the same: to get more locally grown products into the cafeterias of schools, day care centers, colleges, hospitals, businesses and other institutions.

Farm to School programs can be as big as serving up a locally grown fruit, vegetable or other item in every meal. It could be as simple as offering a locally grown product once. Large or small, each program is important and supports the health and well-being of students and family farmers.

Key educational concepts: All of the food we eat comes from the farm; Eat locally and eat seasonally – some foods grow better in our part of the country than in others; Hands-on activities encourage children & families to eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy. Family literacy and school preparedness are added benefits.

Contact person: Lorin Fahrmeier

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Sample report: Farm to School Annual Report

Fee information: Grant funded

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