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Program results

Jump Into Action works.

  • Fifth-grade students can understand cause and effect relationships and are beginning to make independent decisions about food choices and physical activity habits.
  • Jump Into Action was developed, tested and evaluated by a team at Baylor College of Medicine. It was found to be effective in improving nutrition and physical activity related behaviors. A team at the University of Missouri Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology updated and adapted Jump Into Action for Missouri.

Results from more than 40,000 students who have participated in the program show:

  • Increases in knowledge of healthy behaviors.
  • Increases in confidence in making healthy choices.
  • Increases in physical activity.
  • Decreases in time spent watching TV or playing video games.
  • Decreases in consumption of sugar-added drinks.
  • Continuation of healthy food choices — fruits, vegetables and milk.

Teachers’ comments:

  • “The program made the students more aware of what they were eating and by using the pedometers they were wanting to get as many steps as possible so they were more physically active.”
  • “The best part of Jump Into Action was the lessons and activities that were presented in the student workbooks. The workbooks have an incredibly high visual interest level. My students loved them.”
  • “I liked that this program pulled together nutrition and physical fitness. The pedometers grabbed the students’ attention.”
  • “Overall, a very good program. Many lessons were thought provoking and educational.”
  • “I think this should be a mandatory program for all 5th graders. This is my second year teaching it and I am impressed by the information that we can share with parents and students alike.”

Jump Into Action Evaluation Report, Journal of Extension (pdf)