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Program Objectives

Students participating in Jump Into Action...

  • Learn how fast they are growing now and about the food choices that can help them.
  • Set goals to drink more milk and fewer sodas and other sweetened drinks.
  • Learn that fitting in five or more servings of fruit and vegetables helps them hit their fiber target.
  • Read nutrition facts and ingredient lists on food labels to make informed food choices.
  • Make the connection between physical activity and healthy weight.
  • Use pedometers to see how active they are.
  • Learn to trade screen time for 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

How does the Jump Into Action team work?

  • The physical education teacher uses physical activity lessons and pedometers to help students increase physical activity time.
  • The classroom teacher uses the nutrition lessons and instructional materials to help students make better food choices.
  • The school nurse uses the growth and development lesson to help students understand the rapid adolescent growth period.
  • The parents provide support for students as they examine their physical activity and eating behaviors and set goals to improve their choices.

Together the team encourages students to be more physically active and make good food choices for a healthy weight.

How does Jump Into Action fit into the curriculum?

The program was designed to be used throughout the fifth-grade year. The Jump into Action lessons can be taught twice a week for four to six weeks. Monthly check-ups are included to help reinforce the goals and behaviors throughout the school year. Starting the program at the beginning of the school year maximizes the time for students to change their behavior.