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Rent Smart

Description: Consumer education program that provides information to help participants succeed as tenants and avoid confrontations and legal hassles with landlords.

Curriculum/program overview: Rent Smart is a program developed to assist individuals and families who are likely to have difficulty obtaining and keeping rental housing. The program specifically helps low-income families overcome challenges with the ins and outs of renting affordable housing. The curriculum is based in part on the legal aspects of renting in Missouri in order to help tenants and landlords better understand their rights and expectations. Information is shared on budget basics, leases, privacy issues, and security deposits.

In addition to learning how to maintain positive landlord-tenant relationships, families learn their responsibilities in the maintenance of rental units. The program addresses safe and healthy living environments. Specific information is taught on effective strategies when searching for rental units that will provide clean, safe and healthy housing.

Contact person: Marsha Alexander

Evaluation tool: extension.missouri.edu/hes/evaluation/evaluationforms.htm

Suggested fee range: $60/session, State base fee: $5

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