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Healthy Kids

Healthy Start A preschool nutrition, health, and fitness program.


The Parent Connection

Parent Meetings


During three (3) one hour parent meetings a year, participants will be able to:

Feeding Children

  • Use USDA’s Food Guidance to meet the nutritional needs of their children.
  • Discuss the division of responsibility for feeding children.
  • Understand and trust the natural growth process, and discuss strategies to handle child feeding problems in a positive, timely way.

Food Safety

  • • Visualize the role of time in the growth of bacteria.
  • • Keep foods clean by washing hands for the correct amount of time before preparing food, and using clean utensils to avoid cross-contamination of food.
  • • Cook foods well by making sure they reach the right temperature before serving.
  • • Cool foods quickly by refrigerating or freezing them within two hours of preparation.

Food Shopping

  • Plan before shopping to save money and purchase the most nutritional foods.
  • Select foods from each of the USDA’s Food Guide groups that fit a thrift spending plan.
  • Use Nutrition Facts labels while shopping to select foods with the most nutrition for the least amount of money.
  • Keep food safe when purchasing, transporting, and storing.
  • Discuss the influence of children on food shopping and learn ways to teach children about nutrition while they help with shopping.

Special Bonus: Each participant will receive handouts related to the program topic plus an opportunity to taste a healthy snack and a take-home recipe.

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