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Web submission Do's and Don'ts

There are many ways to work with uploading files to the web. How you upload files depends on the server you’re on, the system requirements of your web administrator, the web editor you use and the format of the web design (e.g., html, shtml, css, etc.). These tips apply to sending files to Jeanne Bintzer ( or Julie Chatman ( for any of the HES professional or the MissouriFamiles web pages.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Always send the URL for the page you are requesting edits or additions for.
I don’t know which page you’re talking about when you say our home page or the main page. Also send the URL for sites you wish add a link to.

e.g. If you are sending an article to be added to the MissouriFamilies Child Care page, indicate your preference by including the MissouriFamilies Child Care internet address:

Send completely unformatted text.

Please send text that does not include underlining, fancy fonts, graphics, text boxes, etc. I remove the formatting so that I can assign my own code to the text. Unfortunately I can’t remove all of the formatting and Word inserts it’s own code into the html. I frequently remove the word commands line by line from the code.

Please single space after periods.
I manually remove the extra spaces between sentences. This is a holdover from typewriters. Computers adjust the space after periods so adding an extra space between sentences causes ”rivers” in the text.

Please don’t use underlined text for emphasis.
By default web hyperlinks are underlined. Any text that is underlined for emphasis is read as a link instead.

I retype them in upper and lower case. As a general rule, you should probably avoid “ALL CAPS” all together. They’re a holdover from typewriter days when there were a limited number of ways to add emphasis to text. Use Bold or a larger font size instead.

Please don’t use in-line graphics.
Web graphics are specifically made for the web. As a general rule, you can’t use print graphics for the web and you can’t use web graphics for print. Print graphics have a dpi of 1200 or higher. Web graphics are 72 dpi.

Please don’t crop or resize photos prior to sending them to me.
Most of you don’t have the appropriate image editing tools or skills to both maximize the quality and minimize the size of photos for efficient download speed. Please attach the best picture you have available at it's original resolution setting, preferably high resolution. Most digital cameras save to jpg format which is fine. Tifs are also acceptable.

Send complete information.
Send  author contact information along with the article (name, title, region, email address) Please don't assume that I know someone's title, region, e-mail address, etc...

Articles for MissouriFamilies are welcome and encouraged!
Please send them to Jeanne at Jeanne will forward them to the appropriate subject area Specialist for review. The section editor will forward the approved article to me.

Send files via e-mail to:
Please send the text in the body of the e-mail. You may also attach a doc file to your e-mail but I prefer it directly in the e-mail body.
Please attach jpg files.



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