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Submissions Guidelines for

Submission Criteria:

1. All submissions are to be research-based information.
2. All submissions must list sources.
3. All submissions should be intended for the general public.
    If your submission is intended for a professional audience it may be a useful addition to the HES web.
4. Please use the submission checklist to verify submission requirements.

General procedure for submitting articles to MissouriFamiles:

1. Send your submission via e-mail to the appropriate section editor.
2. The section editor will see that the piece is peer reviewed either personally or by other faculty and staff.
3. The section editor will send the approved submission to Jeanne who will post it on Missouri Families and let Kim W know that it is available for editing.
4. Kim W will edit the submission and send revisions to Jeanne
5. Jeanne will make revisions to the web pages.
6. Jeanne will notify the original author, the section editor, and the e-newsletter editor (Julie C) that the article is posted.
7. Julie will consider the article for possible inclusion in the Missouri Families e-newsletter.



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