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Why you can't use Word or Publisher files for printed documents

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Graphic standards

  Logo downloads
for print  (not for use on the web)
for web (not for use in print)
for promotional items with the (not for print or web)
EPS (encapsulated postscript for printers)

JPG (so you can see what it looks like--send the EPS file to the company producing your promotional item)

You can also download logos from University Printing Services (scroll down quick jump menu)
  Missouri maps and miscellaneous icons

University Printing Services

  Request estimates, order stationary, logo downloads, order reprints, request barcodes, and more...

They also offer a number of excellent articles explaining various aspects of print production such as the difference between vector and bitmapped graphics or the difference between true type and post script fonts.

  Graphic Design Terms Dictionary

A Dictionary of Graphic File Extensions

  Cyberspace Terms Dictionary
  Web Shorthand or What does BTW mean?






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