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Home Food Preservation

Description: A program designed to assist clients in safely preserving their foods.

Curriculum/program overview: Interest in home food preservation has increased with the farm to table movement. MU Extension provides up-to-date, research-based procedural recommendations, tested recipes, and hands-on workshops that assist the consumer in safely preserving produce and other products. Workshops focus on pressure and boiling water canning basics, vegetables and other low-acid products, pickling, salsas, fruits, sweet spreads, dehydration, freezing, and storage of produce. A bi-monthly newsletter is also available for consumers to subscribe to. County Extension centers also provide pressure gauge testing.

Can be offered as a single-session program or as a series.

Contact person: Susan Mills-Gray & Tammy Roberts

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Suggested fee range: $15 per session or $60 for 5 sessions; $1 State Base Fee for single session program, $5 State Base Fee only charged for a series of 4 or more lessons.

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