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Bringing Food Power to Your School

The Food Power van delivers the exhibit to schools
The Food Power van delivers the exhibit to schools.

  • To schedule Food Power in your school contact the University of Missouri Extension Food Power representative in your school’s region.

    Map of Missouri with MU Extension regions - Use table below to find Food Power representative for each region
    Regional Food Power Representatives
    Northwest Region
    Connie Mowrer
    Northeast Region
    Becky Mannigel
    Urban West Region
    Juli Hadfield
    Urban East Region
    Kate Ryder
    West Central Region
    Paula Gray
    East Central Region
    Stacy Robb
    Southwest Region
    Teresa Petefish Deford
    Southeast Region
    Kim Williams Dunbar

  • Costs $100 per setup. The exhibit can be scheduled by the same school or district for multiple days. However, if the exhibit must be moved, the setup fee would apply to each change in location. Small schools can partner to share the cost. Up to 450 students can participate in Food Power per day.

  • Requires a space 50’ x 50’ x 10’ for the Food Power Adventure exhibit.

  • Takes approximately 45 minutes for each class to experience all stations.

  • Involves appointing a School Coordinator who serves as the school Food Power contact person. The School Coordinator does the Food Power scheduling and recruits volunteers, such as parents or high school students to help set up, present and take down Food Power Adventure. The School Coordinator will receive a Food Power Adventure Guide that assists them with the planning duties. The Food Power Adventure Guide also contains the scripts the volunteer presenters will use to teach the students at their station.

School Coordinator in St. Louis
School Coordinator in St. Louis

  • The University of Missouri Extension Food Power Exhibit Coordinator transports the exhibit to your school. The exhibit is unloaded and assembled by your school’s volunteers under the direction of the Exhibit Coordinator. The Food Power Exhibit Coordinator remains with the exhibit throughout the day to ensure the experience runs smoothly. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the volunteers assist with disassembling and reloading the exhibit into the Food Power van.

Food Power Exhibit Coordinator and staff from MU Extension
Linda Syferd (center), Food Power Exhibit Coordinator for eastern Missouri, with Regional University Extension staff.

  • Includes Food Power Connects K-5 grade lesson plans that allow teachers to connect the Food Power Adventure experience with concepts taught in the classroom such as science, math and health. All Food Power Connects lessons are aligned with the Grade Level Expectations.

Here is what School Coordinators are saying about Food Power:

“The materials were well organized with easy to understand instructions.”

“The program was fun for students. The scheduling and preparations were easy to follow. It’s obvious that a lot of time and thought has gone into the organization of the program and materials. It went smoothly.”

“It was very easy to prepare for with much help from the MU Extension Office. It was very beneficial for all of our students that were involved.”

“It was an excellent experience for the students. Lots of learning.”

“I thought it was very well organized from beginning to end. All of the paper work was very explanatory and easy to fill out. Everything so well coordinated made it easy for me.”



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