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Food Power Adventure Stations
Students will visit eight stations in the following order: farm, packaging, hand washing, cafeteria, mouth, stomach/small intestine, muscle and bone.

Farm: Students visit a pizza farm. They learn that all of the ingredients to make pizza are raised on farms.

Students at Farm Food Power Adventure Station

Packaging/Labeling: Students discover what happens to food when it leaves the farm. They will learn to use the nutrition information on packages to make healthy choices.

Students at Packaging/Labeling Food Power Adventure Station

Hands: Students experience the invisibility of germs with invisible ink and a black light. They learn when to wash their hands and how to properly wash their hands to get rid of germs.

Students at Hands Food Power Adventure Station

Cafeteria: In the variety cafeteria, students will see that foods fit into five different food groups. They will discover how to choose a variety of foods and why it is important.

Cafeteria Food Power Adventure Station

Mouth: While sitting on giant teeth, students will learn that digestion begins in the mouth. They will also explore their sense of taste.

Students at Mouth Food Power Adventure Station

Stomach: Following a trip through the esophagus, students enter the stomach where food is broken down and mixed up. They learn that digested food is absorbed in the small intestine and carried in the blood to all parts of the body.

Students at Stomach Food Power Adventure Station

Small Intestine: Students walk through the small intestine on the way to the muscle.

Students in Small Intestine Food Power Adventure Station

Muscles: Students test their flexibility and feel their heart rate increase after exercise. Students learn that choosing healthy foods and exercise are important for their heart and other muscles.

Students at Muscles Food Power Adventure Station

Bones: Students discover the functions of bones. They learn their bodies need exercise and calcium-rich foods for healthy bones.

Students at Bones Food Power Adventure Station



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