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Food Power Adventure Guide

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The Food Power Adventure Guide is a planning tool that can help the School Coordinator organize and prepare for a successful Food Power Adventure. The Adventure Guide includes a School Coordinator timeline and samples of forms and letters (templates provided below) that can be used to complete the Food Power preparations. In addition, the Adventure Guide includes copies of the scripts that volunteer presenters will use at each of the Food Power stations. These scripts can be distributed to the volunteer presenters prior to the Food Power event so that the presenters can become familiar with the script content. Additional copies of the scripts will be provided on the day of the Food Power event.


Letters (Word documents)
Teacher letter
Volunteer recruitment letter
Volunteer reminder memo
Volunteer thank-you letter
Press release

Food Power day schedule forms (Word documents)
Option A
Option B

Volunteer list (Word document)

Volunteer recruitment flier (pdf with fill-in fields)

Certificate of Appreciation (pdf with fill-in fields, black and white version)
Certificate of Appreciation (pdf with fill-in fields, color version)



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