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What is Food Power?

Food Power is a fun K-5th grade program that teaches students the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in an exciting and interactive way. Food Power consists of:

Food Power Connects
K-5th grade classroom lessons aligned with the Grade Level Expectations that enable teachers to prepare students for the Food Power experience and enhance and expand the concepts learned in Food Power Adventure.

Food Power Adventure
An interactive exhibit experience that takes children to the farm to learn where food comes from, and into the human body to learn how it gives them energy to grow and play. The concepts taught in the Food Power Adventure have also been aligned with the Grade Level Expectations.

Food Power Digests
Colorful magazines that can be used in the classroom and to share at home to reinforce the Food Power Adventure messages. These magazines are distributed to classroom teachers as their class exits the Food Power Adventure.

Food Power is a program offered by University of Missouri Extension in cooperation with the Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Human Environmental Sciences. It adds unique activity-based experiences to the University of Missouri Family Nutrition Education Programs funded in part by USDA SNAP.

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For more information about Food Power, contact:

Cindy DeBlauw, R.D.
State Food Power Coordinator
Department of Nutritional Sciences
College of Human Environmental Sciences
University of Missouri
1205 University, Suite 300
Columbia, MO 65211


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