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FNEP - Family Nutrition Education Program
Nutrition and life skills for low-income families

Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
University of Missouri Extension is committed to promoting and maintaining the lifelong health of all Missourians. The Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Initiative is partnering with communities to enable sustainable changes to increase access to healthy, affordable food and safe, accessible physical activity. A holistic community focus will result in a long-term, replicable model that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy
A ten week strength training program that is designed for middle-age and older adults. Participation in regular strengthening exercises will help you to build muscle and increase bone density, thereby helping to prevent frailty and osteoporosis. The goal of this program is to improve health and quality of life for each participant. Each Stay Strong, Stay Healthy session will include a warm-up, simple strengthening exercises (with or without weights) and cool down stretches.

Food Pantry Recipe Cards
A statewide program in which MU Extension provides food pantries with cards every month that contain two seasonal recipes and a physical activity tip.

Friday Backpack Program
A statewide program in which food banks provide children with ready-to-eat food in backpacks on Fridays. MU Extension supplements this program by providing educational materials every month to the organizations that assemble the backpacks.

Food Power
Elementary school students travel the path food takes from the farmer’s field to the sports field and learn where the food they eat comes from and how it gives them the energy to grow and play.

Jump Into Action
A team-taught, school-based program to help fifth-grade students make healthy food choices and be more physically active.

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