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Making Money Count

Description: A curriculum to address the need for financial management education. Making Money Count programs focus on strategies and techniques for using your money and other resources more effectively.

Curriculum/program overview: Making Money Count addresses the need for financial management education. Making Money Count is a train-the-trainer curriculum, targeting and helping professionals who are working with people having money problems. Includes eight units: Making Decisions and Communicating About Money, Spending Plan, Credit, Consumer Skills and Contracts, Record Keeping and Taxes, Banking Services, Insurance, and Saving and Investing. Each unit includes additional resources to supplement learning, offer real life examples and reinforce the curriculum’s text. Resources include: activities, handouts, teaching outlines and PowerPoint presentations with detailed speaker notes.

The curriculum is designed to be very flexible, allowing for use one-on-one or in group settings. The units can stand alone or be combined to provide a money management program or course.

Contact person: Suzanne Gellman

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