Strengthening Families

Focus on Kids

Description: Helps divorced and separated parents learn how to support their children through the divorce process and how to work together in co-parenting their children. Focus on Kids satisfies the Missouri law that requires parents who are divorcing or filing a motion to modify the original divorce decree to attend an educational parenting program. It is conducted in cooperation with Missouri’s circuit courts.


Curriculum/program overview: More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and the majority of these involve children. Conflict between parents, both before and after a divorce, is associated with many negative outcomes in children. The purpose of this workshop is to help parents learn how to nurture and support their children during and after their divorce. Topics discussed throughout the program include: avoid putting children in the middle, transitions between households, money matters, and parenting time. Along with an array of materials, parents also learn about how to make a parenting plan that includes points such as: custody and visitation, decision making, dispute resolution, and expenses.

Contact person: Kale Monk

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